Sash WindowsWhat should you know about them

Sash Windows: What should you know about them?

A sash window is also popularly known as hung sash window. It is generally seen in many houses for exquisite look and frame of the house. The windows are movable panels and they form a frame to hold windowpanes of glass. The sash windows are panes which are separated from other bars. The glazing bars are moulded strips of wood. The sash windows London contain glazing and are technically used to contain windows where the glazed panels open vertically or horizontally.

Who invented them?

Yorkshire light is generally used term for horizontal or vertical sliding of sash or case. The weights are concealed in the box case. The sash windows have been used for centuries. The oldest sash windows which have been installed are present in England in the year 1670s. This house is known as Ham house. It is said that the first invention of sash window has been made by Robert Hooke. The later inventions have been made by Dutch inventor H.J. Louw. Well, apparently the inventions are not completely clearer.

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The first sash windows:

Nowadays, the sash windows London are found in Georgian and Victorian houses. The arrangements are in the form of classic panes. There are three panes which are arranged in the form of two on two sash windows, over the panels of six on six windows. In England, the houses of Victorian and Edwardian suburban have been built with width of four feet and eight feet. The size of windows depends on the size of the rooms too. However, the sizes vary and as we know, windows are like lifelines for the rooms too.

How is sash windows fit?

To balance the weight of the glazed panels, it is usually balanced on heavy steel, lead and cast-iron sash weight. The counter-weight is sealed within the window frame. The sash windows are connected to the windows by the interlaced cotton sash cords or chains. The pulley at the top of frames and spring balances are used to hold the glass windows. To break the cords, it requires disassembly or destruction of trim pieces in order to gain the access for repair. Hence, it is safe and break-free.

Sash windows have been made to fit with the simple hinges and they allow the window to be sealed in to the hinges on one side and on the other side the counter balance has been detached. This allows the window to be opened for cleaning and air to be escaped from the hinges. The sash windows are often touted as box sash windows in some parts of the world such as United Kingdom. In United States of America, it is known as hung sash window. It is also known as double hung window, when there are two sash windows; that move up and down through the window frame.

These windows have been popularly in usage, since medieval period and commonly found in older buildings. In the warmer climate, it will promote airflow and is very convenient to clean.

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