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I like SpongebobSquarepants, as the next guy, but I do not want to see each episode more than 6 times (although it’s true that my kids do not seem to care).

As a family with three children of primary school age, we do not have much time to sit together in front of the television. But, when we do this, none of the children are ready for the opening dramas of the time or even for most situation comedies. These programs do not attract the attention of children or have an inappropriate subject. And, in addition to Survivor, we do not have great realism in television programming.

Our nights to sit in front of the television, they go so sporadically that we do not like to make movies in a local video store. Most of the time they came back (late) and we could not see them. Therefore, when we saw the announcement of a free trial version of 123movies, we decided to try it. Since then, we have discovered that 123moviesis ​​especially good for families with small children. That is why:


1. Large selection of family and children’s titles

The website has a large selection of family and children’s titles, including the preferences of my favorite children. For example, when my two older children finish reading a book, they like to add a title to our turn for the film, and finally we catch up with the family, like all the movies we wanted to see. Sometimes we make a blank space when we add films to our turn. And that’s when we use criticism from critics and other 123movies members. You can also see the recommendations that are provided depending on how you rated the movies you saw earlier. You can connect to the network at any time and add headers, or change the display order of movies in the current queue. The entire site has a choice of more than 100,000 items.

2. It’s cheap

Plans start at a small fee per month, and there are no late fees or deadlines. This was another important selling point for us, because with our tight schedules it can sometimes take several weeks to get around the movie. At other times we see the movie the same day it arrives and we send it back the next day.

3. It is really convenient

When you have finished with the DVD, simply place it in the mailbox in the prepaid envelope. When 123moviesreceives this, they will send you an email and then another email when the next movie comes out in its queue, so you know when to expect it. 123movies has 100 delivery centers throughout the United States, so it is usually done within one business day. We live two hours away from any metropolitan area, and we still receive our shipment one business day after they are shipped. (And the DVD delivery is free in both directions; all you pay is a membership fee each month).

The only drawback I have seen is that you cannot take the DVDs to the store and pick up more, which is actually fine for us, because we live not very close to the DVD rental store in any case, and I like the convenience to restart them in the mailbox. There have never been problems: I simply throw it into the mailbox and then forget it until a couple of days later, when the new movie appears.

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