7 Gift Ideas for a Travelling and Adventure Loving Brother in Canada

For some people, life is a never ending journey which consists of lots of twists and turns in it. These people are always interested in exploring new places, people, cuisine and cultures wherever they plan out their visit. If your beloved brother is a part of this undying travelling spirit, here are the extraordinary Bhai Dooj gifts to Canada that can easily convey your special feelings towards your adorable brother.

Offer him a travelling bag- It is one of the most important accessories that are required by every individual while travelling. You can easily arrange your clothes, shoes, personal grooming items and other such things in an effortless manner through an efficient travelling bag. It will further help in making your brother travelling a hassle free task.

Buy a sleeping bag or tent for him- In case your brother loves trekking and spending adventurous time around mountains, rivers and other such things, this gift of sleeping bag or tent can emerge out as a special utility gift for him. It will help him in a peaceful sleep and will solve his spacing woes on uneven terrains.

Order a thermos flask- Having your favourite coffee on the go is one of the important highlights of any travelling activity. In order to ensure a hot brewed coffee to your beloved brother in a seamless manner, you need to send a branded thermos flask through any reliable Bhai Dooj gifts delivery to Canada.

Buy a sports watch for him- You can buy a high quality feature loaded sports watch for your brother that contains information about special parameters like temperature, pressure, altitude and other such details. All these vital information would be of great use on a long journey.

Order a pair of trekking or sports shoes- Shoes are an important part of every journey and they need to be extremely comfortable, durable and light in weight. Shoes with too much heavy sole make it extremely difficult to walk on mountainous regions and trekking. So, buy a perfect pair of shoes for your beloved brother and send them as special Bhai Dooj gifts to Canada in an effortless manner.

An electrical cooking appliance can be a great choice- Sometimes, it is difficult to get a good food in a remote area and it could be a matter of grave concern for your constantly travelling brother. Offer him an electric induction chulha or kettle that can help in preparing a smaller meal as and when required.

A Digital SLR Camera would be a great travelling companion- If you want to offer beautiful travelling memories to your sweet brother, it would be a wonderful decision to offer him a good quality DSLR Camera. It would help him in capturing the beautiful travelling memories in a wonderful manner and would serve as a memorable gift for him.

So, make this upcoming Bhai Dooj on 21st October, 2017 a little special and different for your loving brother with an excellent Bhai Dooj gifts delivery to Canada.

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