A buyers guide in knowing the types of keyboards and mouse available

A buyers guide in knowing the types of keyboards and mouse available

Majority of computer keyboards and mice have the same layout: three rows of letters, one or two rows of numbers, and a plethora of exclamation and function keys. However, despite their similar appearances, keyboards and mice can differ dramatically in it’s operation. It is important to know the types available to buy keyboard and mouse in singapore.

The gaming mouse

Gamers should always invest in a specialist gaming mouse. The best gaming mouse will also have ergonomic characteristics that make it more comfortable to use for extended periods. It will have a more advanced sensor, which will increase its accuracy.

Travel mouse

The trip mouse is the other element of the specialty mouse. The majority are typical two- or three-button units that have been downsized for compactness. Although some employ short or retractable wires, the majority are wireless. They’re also usually inexpensive enough.

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The standard keyboard 

The type that comes standard with most PCs is the most commonly used. Basic media controls, as well as specialized function keys like the home, end, and Windows, will be found on most keyboards. Scissor switches are common on standard keyboards. These keys include a plunger below each key and are long-lasting and dependable.

Gaming or mechanical type

Gaming keyboards come with more functions than regular keyboards. Programmable macro commands can be used to personalize functions, switchable WASD keys are a common feature on gaming boards, and generally, pro-technology is a must-have for dedicated gamers. Mechanical keyboards come in several shapes and sizes, including color-coded switches.


These keyboards resemble mechanical keyboards in appearance and sound, and they are a relatively new genre. Backlighting and other features, as well as the pleasant click-clack sound and tactile feel of a mechanical board, are incorporated. A mechanical vibe keyboard is a good option for budget-conscious gamers who want the look and feel of a mechanical instrument.

Portable keyboard

These portable devices, often smaller and wireless, are designed to be moved and used with any PC or laptop. They are usually without a number pad, collapsible, and lightweight.

With a few exceptions, it is important to check the best while going to buy keyboard and mouse in singapore as the one that arrives with a new PC are typically rather basic and, while adequate, could be much better. They are always with us, whether working, gaming, or relaxing. Having the peripherals available makes sense.

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