Activities That Will Help Build Your Kid’s Motor Skills

Most parents do not understand just how important it is to help your kids build their motor skills. Watching the little ones do small things, such as zip their coat for the first time, can be rather satisfying, and that is their big moment. Below, you have activities that can help your kids build good motor skills.

Start simple

You do not need fancy toys and items to help your kids with their motor skills, but there is nothing wrong even if you do decide to get them toys instead. You could start simple, if your kids are very young. For example, tape the color tape on a plastic surface, and allow them to take it off. This will help them control their hand movement, grip and also strengthen their hands.

Riding toys

If you want to encourage the little ones to spend more time alone, you could get them riding toys. Visit if you are interested, since we all know that kids love to ride outdoors and spend some time with their friends. Riding toys help kids develop coordination, and balance!

Ride-on toys can be quite entertaining and they will help your kids stay healthy by being active


Every kid loves to play with play dough! There are many things you can do with the dough, from rolling, squishing to making fine shapes. This activity will help them strengthen their muscles, hands, fingers and wrists all while they are able to have some fun.

Building blocks

Purchasing building blocks will never be a miss, because kids tend to love playing with them. You are encouraging your kids to use their hands and pick up toys, while creating different buildings and shapes. This can be quite entertaining for them, and it is a great activity for those who have more than one child.

 Kitchen set

While many of you probably think that getting a kitchen set will not help with building motor skills, you are wrong. If you visit you will see that most kitchen sets come with small pieces for pretend cooking and food that your kids will pick up, put in different shapes and play with; those are all the necessities for building fine motor skills.

Mastering their motor skills is more fun with a good kitchen set!

Get a bit creative

If you do not have any materials at home, you could keep the little ones busy with food. For example, take playdough or something of the same consistency, and push pasta in it. Then give circled cereal to your kids and let them stack the cereal on the pasta!

You could also create a sorting jar, to help your kids learn about colors. Either get a plastic container or a couple of smaller jars, and label them with colors. Then take different small items, or color a muffin tin, and let them sort the muffin tins in the right color jars!

As you can see, there is not much you need to help your kids build motor skill, as you could even teach them how to play with beads! Purchase beads of different colors and use pipe cleaners to stack the beads. However, if you are using small items, it is important that you pay attention to your children and make sure that they do not swallow any of the items.

Final word

The most important thing is to keep your kids safe, so make sure that the activities or toys you purchase are suitable for their age. As it was mentioned, small children should not really play with small items, unless they are being supervised.

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