An overview on the proxy online

Access to certain websites is denied to users in some location. Information Technology Communication (ICT)  devices over the internet can discover the internet protocol address of the user. If such internet address and the location is not acceptable by the website, access is denied to the user. However there are many proxy online that can help you to access any website from any location. This is possible as the proxy will hide your internet protocol address from such sites. One of the proxies that can do this is the free online proxy known as CrozyProxy. With this website proxy, you can watch videos, download videos as well as do other things undetected. You can use this proxy online on different websites such as search engine, google and Gmail.  It is also supported by many social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many others. All these are made possible as you are using an encrypted connection. This free online proxy has proven itself as closet alternative to VPN. You are not required to download or configure anything while using this proxy as everything from the beginning to end is free.

The Features of CrozyProxy

There are many eye-catching characteristics of this free and advance web proxy. Some of them are:

  • Your internet protocol address is hidden. This prevent websites that have been denying you access not to do so again.
  • Because your IP is hidden, you can access any website unknown and untraceable.
  • CrozyProxy can work on Android operating system, Chrome OS and every other operating system.
  • It offers a permalink feature through which one can share website pages to friends.

The Benefits of CrozyProxy

Some of the many benefits in using this free proxy online are:

  • It supports all websites and social networks.
  • There is no way of detecting CrozyProxy even with fingerprint. The website is secured.
  • No form of configurations or downloading is needed.
  • No need of passing your traffic. You can use the proxy and open a web page.

 The best proxy browser

Every successful web proxy is known by solving or proffering solutions to the limitations of other web proxies made available online. This is the case of the proxy online. Before it was designed, list of extensive proxy was gotten. The developers of this proxy successfully carried out several tests on these proxies such as hiload, proxfree, hide me proxy and others too numerous to mention. Many things that was not encouraging was seen in these aforementioned proxies. They were very difficult to use, can’t do video streaming and many other limitations. Putting their limitations in mind, we developed a better proxy that can proffer solutions to the problem of others. CrozyProxy is the solution and the best.

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