Anesthesia Free Dog Dental Cleaning And Other Ways Of Grooming Your Mate

All dog parents only want the best for their little friends. Various grooming services are taken up by pet parents to keep their dog healthy and fine, one of which is teeth cleaning. Just like in humans, teeth cleaning is essential for dogs too. And for all these years, dental cleaning in dogs was done making use of anesthetic medicines to avoid any complications. But these days, all of a sudden, vets think that it’s okay to conduct Anesthesia Free Dog Dental Cleaning?

Should you believe them?

Well, they are vets and know quite a lot more than you can imagine, and hence, yes you should. They know what exactly is the best for your dog and have full sincerity towards their health backed with technical and medical knowledge for authenticity. And on top of that, anesthesia isn’t that good for your dog either.


Here are only a few things you should abstain from doing during the process and yes, this process is absolutely safe for your dog!

  • Do not forget the pain medication, please

Yes, it’s a request not to skip that. As you have already understood, this nonanesthetic process involves no preparation to let your dog not feel any pain during the session. And if you too decide to give up on the pre-grooming pain medication for your dog, there’s nothing that can stop it from ending up suffering through immense pain. Just the gesture of someone using a sharp tool against their teeth can freak them out as they have no idea of what’s going on and lead them into a trauma of dental procedures or substantial pain, either of which is harmful to your dogs.

  • Don’t let your pet stress out during the process

How to make sure that your dog doesn’t stress out to a stranger dealing with their head and barging a sharp object into their mouth? Because it’s no less than obvious that your dog won’t appreciate the pain that stranger might put him through. Hence, to combat this situation, take your dog to a vet who had been kind to him before. Dogs are grateful and if they figure out that a person who once fed him and took him for a walk is trying to do something awful with them, they will not protest and let him do that. It might feel wrong to use the emotions of your dog, but you are only using them for their best!

And that is how your mate can go through a seamless Anesthesia Free Dog Dental Cleaning Procedure with ease, and not maybe with utmost comfort, but at least with utmost and safety and good intentions, and to make sure that your dog has good health in the long run!

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