Armored Vehicles for Rent for safety purpose

It is well-known through the world as a foremost authority of armored cars.  We have a massive stock of armored cars for rent in numerous specifications to suit your requirements, both factories armored through the original manufacturers as well as aftermarket armored.

Our Armored Car Hire services have been extensively used in worldwide 2012, providing vital protection toward visiting Heads of State, Royals, Diplomats, High Net Value Individuals, CEO and Powerful People from about the world. Our fleet of Armored Cars for Hire are accessible for self-drive rental, permitting specialist safety chauffeur firms to assist visiting high profile principles.  Otherwise, we can commend select, safety chauffeurs that we have functioned with before.

Our Armored Car Support is whatever defines us as worldwide leaders of Armored Cars.  We are armored car specialists first and foremost, by extensive skill about whatever makes an armored car tick.  We could maintain or repair your armored car, supply you with parts, arrange logistics otherwise simply supply you by advice.  It is the support we offer which makes us the complete package.

Armored Cars offer vital protection for the state, ambassadors, CEOs, management and media personalities as well as key personnel in many areas of the world.

Armored Vehicles Fleet

Our armored vehicles Fleet is made up of actual carefully chosen models from within the prestige car sector that meet our great standards. This permits us to proposal our clients a broader choice and permits us to offer specialist security cars that mixture in with your other vehicular necessities.

Skilled Security Provider

Our armored cars for rent service is a well-known provider by over several years’ experience. Whether meeting a customer on the tarmac of a reserved airport otherwise collecting from a reserved residence or place of trade, we know how to handle contemporary day threats over its experienced workers and back up amenities.

All of our staff are from either the Government, Police otherwise highly specialized Military Units.

Our Armored Protection cars are the premium 4×4’s SUV available. They include the latest armor technology, meeting European Licensed Standards.

We offer diverse levels of ballistic defense to meet customer requirements. Armoring levels vary from low-level pistol protection toward ultra-high-level rifle defense.References are accessible on request. We promise to provide  no compromise service to our  clients

Drivers of our armored fleet

The arranged drivers all have numerous years of experience as drivers of distinctive protection vehicles. They have forces or military training. Upon demand, we will also offer you armed personnel.

Cars for Rent

We offer you cars through different levels of ballistic defense, in order to meet each customer’s demands. We are a highly dedicated provider of armored rent cars as well as services with special-protection cars.

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