Bicycle rack

Bicycle rack: how to choose the right one

Choosing the right bike rack can be a problem. You should know the different types available and which one is best for your type of vehicle. This is what you need to know to choose the right bike rack. Basically, there are 4 types of bike racks available today. They’re here:

Bicycle luggage rack

Roof-mounted bike racks are a popular option today for storing and transporting bicycles. The bicycle is conveniently located on the roof of a car or SUV, and the rear of the car can be easily accessed. If you already have a roof bar, this makes this choice much easier. However, there are some versions that work without a roof bar.

Bike stand

The hitch bracket is very comfortable, but you must have a hitch, or at least one receiver for it. If you do this, this may be a good option. Some versions are fixed and are firmly attached to the rear of the car, so the bike is well protected. There are other versions that allow the bicycle to rest to provide access to the rear of the car. Many people like fiamma bike racks because the bike is protected against flying debris. The biggest drawback is that, because of this, it is difficult to get into the back of the car, unless you have one, if you have a new and great folding style.

Bicycle rack

Luggage rack

A rack mounted in the trunk can be an excellent option for short trips. These are the cheapest bike racks. The bicycle is protected from flying debris, and this is always an advantage. This is a great option for those who do not want to load their bike on the roof and have no problems. The disadvantages of this type of frame is that the motorcycle is not mounted very safely and will bounce enough. In addition, this type of installation will definitely hinder access to the rear hatch or boot.

Bicycle rack

If you drive a truck, why don’t you consider using a platform to store and transport your bicycles? This type of rack is well attached to the body of the truck and can carry one or more bicycles. This works great compared to just throwing bicycles in the back of a truck. The use of this type of shelf protects the bicycles from damage or bending. The only real drawback of this type of bicycle storage is that the bicycles will occupy part of the truck, so you will have less storage space for other things if you travel.

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