Cottage Cheese Microwave Cooking A Quick Guide

Cottage Cheese Microwave Cooking: A Quick Guide

Cottage cheese is definitely one of the yummy treats, almost all people, could not get enough of.  Aside from it’s sweetened taste, it is also good for weight loss and other health benefits. No wonder why a lot of people are incorporating it in their meals in a daily basis.

Now, did you know that you can microwave cook a cottage cheese? Or did you know that aside from microwave cooking you can also make it in the microwave?

Well, if that may seem sound interesting and drooling to you then you should be following this blog post from to know more information in making cottage cheese in the microwave oven.

For today, here’s a quick guide on microwaving cottage cheese from the blog post

Types of Cottage Cheese 

Before knowing the steps in making a cottage cheese. First, you to have to take a look at the type of cottage cheese that you can use or that is best to use.


These are the types of Cottage Cheese you can choose from:

  • Non-fat in <0.5 g milkfat/serving. A non-fat cottage cheese is the less healthy type. It’s usually processed, so if you are not keeping up with a terrible strict diet then you should opt for a low-fat or regular cottage cheese.
  • Low-fat 1.5% – 2% milkfat. Now this is the healthy and the natural low-fat cottage cheese which is perfect for many dishes and most likely for people who are on diet.
  • Regular 4% milkfat. Do you wanted to have the perfect balance diet? Then regular cottage will be perfect for that! A regular cottage is the only type which is rich in protein, calcium, amino acids, fatty acids and so on. Basically, aside from the low-fat cottage cheese the regular cottage cheese is also the healthiest type you can opt for in a good meal.

The Steps and Ingredients 

Now that you know the types of cottage cheese, it is time to go over the steps and some ingredients to prepare in making it.

  • First off, you will take two liters of milk and heat up to the room temperature,
  • Next is [pour a glass of kefir or yogurt in the milk, or it would have been better to use homemade or the brand that you trust,
  • You will have to leave it in a warm place for 6 to 10 hours to curdle,
  • Then pour into a glass or ceramic ovenware, make sure it is a bigger container size so the milk won’t boil over, and microwave it for 10 minutes at full power,
  • Make sure that the result is mass is ready, drain it into a strainer covered with gauze,
  • And lastly, collect the ends of the gauze in a bun and hang your future cottage cheese up to give the whey completely off

For a more definitive guide in making a cottage cheese in the oven, you can check on

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