hong kong norwegian salmon

Enjoy The Norwegian Seafood Flavor At The Most Affordable Price

Whether you are looking for quality seafood for commercial or domestic use, you need to look for a good price. It doesn’t mean that the seafood is pricey because it is fresh and live; then it is fine to spend on it. It is very wrong. Many are selling good prices of seafood when you buy seafood online hk.

What is the available seafood to buy?

Come to think of what kinds of seafood are available in the market. Biltongchief has quality seafood to choose from, these are:

  • Salmon
  • Black cod
  • Blue mussels
  • Seabass
  • Crab
  • Raw lobster
  • Scallops
  • Prawns and more

All these are served on the table in different kinds of dishes. If you wish to have it served fresh, then you can ask them.

hong kong norwegian salmon

Free seafood delivery

The hong kong norwegian salmon can be ordered online and delivered to your doors. If you wish to taste the Norwegian salmon dish, then it is possible. It is good to be true that this kind of dish, a restaurant-feel order, is possible to have at home served on the table.

How is Norwegian salmon prepared?

See how good the salmon is prepared and taste how it is. Norwegian has its flavor salmon recipe that other cuisines can’t have. The secret is in the preparation of Norwegian flavor salmon, which is offered at an affordable price.

The sashimi-grade salmon is deboned; a delicate fresh and marbling taste. Take note, don’t over-season, over-spice, and over-cook this fish, let the natural fresh flavor of the ocean power through. For those who loved baked salmon, then try the Norwegian salmon, freshly baked.

Cook and color salmon on medium heat, creating a crackling fish skin by skin-side down preparation. The flesh softens in color and works from the outer layer to the middle and edges. Shortly sear all the sides for color, yet remove from the heat once the filet is still blushing pink. You may garnish it with chopped parsley and lemon cut.

Why choose salmon?

Some of you may wonder what is in a salmon, and why many are loving this fish. The natural flavor of the fish has an uncontrollable taste that everyone wants to eat every time. The fresh and natural flavor of salmon reminds you of a fresh and clean ocean, where you can have a memorable fishing experience.

Enjoy the salmon flavor while keeping it available on your table, every time you want it.

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