Enjoying your food and drinks with the best rooftop bar

Level33 is a luxurious rooftop restaurant and sky bar with the glorious view over the entire Singapore city. It is also considered as the best romantic place for celebrating your loved one’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and date with your dear one. When you want to have a great night with your loved one, it is definitely a right rooftop bar with a view. At the same time, it will surely impress your date.

Why choosing Level33?

There are so many reasons why most of the Singaporeans are choosing Level33 rooftop restaurant and bar for their dating and other celebrations. They include,

  • Level33 is the award winning and unique rooftop bar & the dining concept with the highest urban microbrewery in the world.
  • All visitors can surely enjoy the stunning view over the Marina Bay of Singapore and also the city rooftop from the penthouse division of the MBFC.
  • This restaurant cum bar opens from 11.30 AM to 10.30 PM throughout the day.
  • Similarly, it provides its extraordinary contembrewery dine experience to every visitor by incorporating processes from the in-house brewery and beer ingredients into the menu.
  • For any special occasion, it gives the right offers for all guests from the drinks after their office hours to the lunch, particularly their freshly prepared craft beers.
  • When considering the dining items, they have burger and some beer items on the spacious outdoor terrace.
  • There is also a private dining room and you can book it if you require more privacy.

Marina Bay Dining:

Other than the stunning rooftop bar with a view, this Level33 provides ambience and wonderful dining experience to everyone. There is an executive and experienced chef ArChan to develop the contembrewery cuisine and he has integrated several numbers of beer brewing elements into the different kinds of foods. Similarly, he also creatively uses the various beer ingredients and beers in the foods.

For this purpose, he is taking the beer brewing as the inspiration. Some of the most popular creativity incorporated in the dining includes yeast roasted to enrich the aroma, hops have the citrusy & floral flavours, malt gives the texture to the dish, & spent grains give both texture and flavour to the dishes. There are an email id and toll free telephone number existing in an official website of this Level33 bar cum restaurant to book your tablet through phone or online.

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