Excellent Tactics for Dominating CQB Game

The CQB environment is very different from the large open-air environment in many ways, changing the tactics needed to defeat the opponent. The opposition can usually be seen in large open areas before actual contact. The CQB environment is very different because permanent walls, doors, and other coverings can obstruct an enemy’s view. Another important factor in CQB tactics is speed. Moving quickly from cover to cover and entering rooms at tactical speed makes it much easier to overwhelm the enemy.

Have great fun when playing CQB games

Studying your surroundings helps determine the best path forward and determine which corners and openings are most likely to expose you to enemy fire. It is also important to know the best way to retreat to avoid enemy fire. Learning about your surroundings can also help you quickly locate an enemy. Finding cast shadows or small bumps in your surroundings will help you track down your opponent much faster and more efficiently and know the indoor wargame price to play indoors.

CQB Game

Listening to your surroundings is important because it can also alert you to an enemy’s movement or position. The enemy can often reveal their position by moving, speaking, or reloading their weapons. However, always do it quietly so as not to disclose your position.

Moving from cover to cover is the best way to avoid getting hit. In situations where advance is not possible, look for detours that take you out of the direct line of fire and help outflank the enemy. When entering buildings/rooms, it is helpful to have a team or at least a buddy to help cover all fire lines and check all cover.

When aiming from around an angle, you must never expose your entire body. It may be necessary to switch to your less dominant hand to strive for corners and not put yourself in danger of an opponent. It is important to choose light and compact tactical gear to help you move more freely and quickly, and know the indoor cqb price to get a good space. In addition, having a compact and lightweight airsoft gun will help a lot in close to close combat situations.

Most new airsoft players instinctively shoot someone if another player scares them. The lack of trigger control can damage your gear and be dangerous in some cases. Proper trigger control helps prevent friendly fire and keeps players from shooting at each other from an unsafe distance.


Practicing these simple CQB moves and using airguns and equipment built specifically for CQB will give you an edge in any CQB environment.

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