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Five Important Considerations When Buying Electric Scooter

You heard about electric scooters but you quickly disregarded it because you think the trend will just subside. This is where you are wrong. Electric scooters are definitely here to stay. In fact, many professionals consider this small vehicle the most efficient mode of transportation.

One of the significant advantages of electric scooter is fuel savings. Since it runs on battery, you just need to recharge it. Ultimately, you are reducing your carbon footprint, which is good for the environment. Aside from that, it can give you the freedom to move from one point to another effortlessly without waiting for the bus or a parking spot.

If you give adult electric scooters a chance, you can save money and time in the long run. However, when it comes to choosing, it can get confusing especially for first-buyers. To give you an idea of what to choose, here the five important considerations when buying electric scooter:


The price will be a major consideration but it should not conclude the buying process. The price should only set the foundation. You must know that the price will depend on the type of electric scooter. Here are the different types of scooters:

  • Budget: as the name suggests, this is by far the cheapest type of electric scooter. This is recommended for minimal or light recreational use. You can buy budget electric scooter under $300.
  • Commuter: there are two price categories for the commuter – budget commuter and premium commuter. Budget commuter ranges from $300 to $600. It is ideal for shorter distances and it built for daily commuting. Premium commuter, on the other hand, ranges from $600 to $1200. It has bigger batteries, larger motors, and better brakes.
  • High-performance: as the name suggests, this is by far the best. The price starts at $1200. Although these scooters are better at everything, portability is a challenge because it is heavy.

Electric Scooters


The next thing that you should consider is the range. The range describes the distance an electric scooter can travel before the battery runs out of power. When you evaluate the range, you should think about your commute and how far you need to travel in an ordinary day.

Motor power

When it comes to motor power, electric scooters start at 200 watts in general. It can go as high as 6000 watts. The key here is to look at the terrain. For instance, for flat surfaces and small hills, it is adequate to use 250 watts motor power. If you are living in an area with steeper hills, you should consider 350 or 500 watts.


Weight is an important consideration especially if you need to carry or fold your scooter during your commute. If you need to carry or fold it, 25 lbs. should be fine. If it is more than 30 lbs., it can be more difficult to lift.


If you use an electric scooter for a daily commute, 4 to10 mph may be frustrating. The ideal is 15 mph. You can consider 18 mph but this is fast enough so you need to ensure that you are wearing safety gear.

Final thoughts

By knowing these, you are one step away from choosing the right electric scooter for your needs. However, if you need more considerations, you should include suspension, lighting, brakes, and tires. These things will surely lead you to a more specialised kind of electric scooter.

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