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General Motors – Is it Too General?

How do you feel about the situation with GM? Should they just go bankrupt and work from there, or should we, as a nation, try to support them in the hope that they will eventually make a profit again? Or maybe you are just tired of hearing about the period of the giant car company. Personally, I do not blame you if this is so. 

I just wanted to take some time to point out something interesting

This is part of the core problem of GM in the modern automotive industry, which is currently more global than ever in terms of competition. Yes, globalization is definitely the best and worst thing that can happen to the automotive industry. I think we all know who was made with the shortest end on this international issue.

For example, consider a new car, presented by none other than Hyundai. The Hyundai Genesis 2009 is a car that competes with the BMW 5 Series, the Mercedes E-Class and the Lexus GS, among others. They say that it is easy to confuse with a luxurious high-end sedan on the street, capable of beating the Viper line and having a very high level of accidents. But that’s not all for people … this car costs $ 30,000. Such foreign cars are the main factor contributing to the death of American automakers.

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Many of these foreign companies do not offer these kinds of extraordinary benefits for employees, which gmc near me supplied in large quantities and literally paid the price. In addition, they do not do so much, if they do it with the union labor force, like American companies. Foreign companies are also ahead of the current in cars with low mileage and even in the constant development of “green” vehicles. 

So what is my point?

Well, I think it may be necessary to let GM go bankrupt, even if it means pain and discomfort for our economy. Obviously, no one wants to see GM die, at least not most people. Personally, I love myself Cadillac. However, keep in mind that the company does not close its doors and does not close its operations. This will allow you to restructure and compete better with foreign car manufacturers who produce these advanced cars at low prices. General Motors may need to be more specialized, rather than such a “General”. Attempting to keep the company afloat in its current state may do more harm than good, and I think we have already received enough punches.

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