Get A Beautiful Tan Skin With Melanotan Injections

Get A Beautiful Tan Skin With Melanotan Injections

Despite popular misconceptions, melanotan 2 is a regular therapy and requires continuous maintenance to be effective, even after users achieve their desired skin tone. However, unlike many other popular tanning supplements and treatments, using melanotan injections to aid in tanning is a simple and straightforward process.

Always use the best approach.

  • Melanotan 2 is retailed and delivered in the form of a freeze-dried powder that is sealed and stored in sterile 10mg multi-use vials. Before using MT2, we will need to dilute the powder in sterile water;
  • This will need to be done at home, as the liquid solution degrades quickly and becomes less effective if it’s not refrigerated continuously after mixing; and
  • Regular MT2 injections are the best approach to make sure we’re getting the most out of our treatment. This will help speed up results and make sure that the peptide is entirely absorbed.

melanotan injections


When it comes to melanotan injections solution, we have two options to choose from – subcutaneous or intramuscular. The injection site isn’t an important factor and ultimately comes down to our personal preference and comfort. Once injected, the Melanotan 2 peptide is absorbed into our bloodstream and evenly distributed throughout our body.

Starting Dose

  • If we’re just getting started with MT2, we strongly recommend a minuscule starting dose of around 0.3mg to gauge how our body reacts to the solution.
  • Keep in mind that when we’re just starting the treatment, it’s normal to experience a warming sensation along with a flush and mild nausea. If we experience these side-effects, don’t worry as they are entirely normal and will not cause us to get sick.
  • To avoid any potential discomfort, they recommend taking the first couple of doses before bed so that the onset of any potential side-effects occurs while we sleep.

As our treatment progresses, the side-effects will gradually disappear, and further doses can be taken at any time of day.

Loading Dose

If we are looking to achieve a perfect tan faster, we can incorporate a loading dose into our treatment. This implies more frequent MT2 injections, which allow us to build up the initial tan much faster, thus arriving into the maintenance phase of our treatment much sooner.

Maintenance Dose

Once we’ve achieved the skin tone we’re after, we should move on to our treatment’s maintenance phase. Here’s a generalized example maintenance dose of melanotan injections to give us a starting point. However, keep in mind that we should consult with a tanning coach or professional if we need help determining the exact dosage for ourselves.

That’s why, If our loading dose is 0.5mg with tanning sessions happening one every three days, we should be achieving our desired skin tone in 10 days. This would imply a maintenance dose of around 1mg taken once per week, followed by a tanning session.

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