Virtual Events

How People And Technology Come Together For Virtual Events

Ever since we started relying on technology our growth has dramatically changed. Normal conference calls are now being replaced with virtual events. The value of face to face interaction will never diminish, but there are times when hosting a virtual event becomes necessary for your program. But once you start hosting, how do you keep attendees engaged throughout the event? This can be achieved by hosting such events with the same care and attention as in face to face meetings. In both cases, you should make enough positive impression by crafting the strategies, to promote the event, engage the attendees and prove the event a success. Possibilities are you might have attended a session in your lifetime presented online where people gathered online rather than gathering in person.

Bringing People And Technology Together

It’s difficult to bring people and technology together for a virtual event. It’s even more difficult to provide them with engaging content. Especially when people have to attend such events by being in their comfort zone, they demand something that should be entertaining and knowledgeable at the same time. We would host a virtual meeting if we are not able to meet them in person but event planning must be done before carefully. Targeting the specific or related audience with great content using powerful keynotes and at last, data given by research are some aspects that make an event successful.

Tech vs Reality

Virtual events are not like in person. At one point online events cannot cover a lot of audiences because not all have the access to technology and they must rely on content. While in-person can draw attendees with a unique destination.

Virtual Events

Successful Virtual Events

Virtual events can be successful as well, but it takes careful planning, great data, and agility. One must take care of the aspects like the age group of audience they are targeting and accordingly the content, event registration which is vital before joining the event to make sure any unauthorised user doesn’t bother, interactive audio and visuals, recorded content, live polling, and feedback surveys. According to Forbes, a virtual event should contain a mix of live and pre-recorded material.


As far as technology is involved, there are chances of errors. All virtual meetings are not the same. Plenty of video conferencing applications and websites are available. When it comes to your attendees, never take their digital knowledge for granted. Not everyone is good at dealing with technology. So before you go, it is best to prepare a guide explaining how to access the event. For sure this will decrease their stress, would improve the overall experience and it would also help you in climbing the steps of the ladder for a successful event. Hence it would be worth it for you and as well as the attendee.

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