What is Programming?

Computer Programming is the designing, building,and execution of a computer program that is used for giving inputs to the computer to perform a task accordingly. This process involves cracking the logic for the program, typing it down in a well-structured programming language (out of a large number of choices available for you) and then executing those algorithms to get the desired outputs. The sequence of the code lines automates the required process to perform the task. For some coders, programming is like their daily cups of tea while for many newbies it would be like a Herculean task. Hence this article mentions the programming tutorial that would help anyone in acing the field of coding.

Names of some famous programming languages

Before beginning with the programming tutorial, one should have a brief idea on the programming languages available in today’s time. Following are some of those: –

v C- It is the most popular general purpose coding language and is the beginning step for every coder, as the further languages have the syntax similar to that of C and C++.

v C++- It is the object-oriented programming (OOP) language and is the next level of C language. It has an imperative interface.

v Python- It is a high-level OOP which has a very simple syntax and makes the programming field very fun.

v Java- Developed by Oracle, it is the language used for developing many of the famous apps of Google Play Store as well as Apple store.

v Kotlin- Developed by JetBrains, it is used for multiplatform applications and is 100% compatible with the Java and Android platforms.

v R- It is a versatile script used mainly in the field of data analytics and visualizations. It is popular due to its expressive and easy syntax.

The target audience and pre-requisite

There is no fixed target audience for any programming tutorial. These are open to all platforms where anyone having a passion for coding and zeal to ace in the same can join and give the boost to its growth. These tutorials are prepared keeping in mind about the novices who have interest in programming but couldn’t pursue it due to lack of proper guidance. These tutorials are available in both text as well as audio-visual modes so that these can be referred by the learners easily as per their convenience.

There is absolutely no pre-requisite for any computer programming language. All it asks for is a zeal and passion to learn. Some of the famous platforms for programming tutorial include Coursera, Udemy, MIT Computer Platform, platforms developed by premier institutes of the world etc. to name a few. All one needs to do is subscribe to their desired platforms and unbox the opportunity of infinite learning.

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