How to apply different kinds of Magnet lashes eyeliner

How to apply different kinds of Magnet lashes eyeliner

Every lady usually has that particular make up she can’t live home without it. For most women, magnetic lashes with liner are one of these makeups. Magnet lashes eyeliner is the greatest way to improve your eye appearance and make it look more spectacular. Black seems to be the most preferred eyeliner color, but brown eyeliner is mostly used to enhance eye appearance slightly.

However, most women find it challenging to apply it, especially those doing it for the first time. With several practices, you can become an expert in using eyeliners. But you have to consider the type of eyeliner since they can as well influence your skills. Here are practical tips that will assist you in using a different kind of eyeliners:

magnetic lashes with liner

Applying the eyeliner

Almost every urban lady is familiar with eyeliner. Probably magnet lashes aren’t the first eyeliner you’ve ever applied on your eyebrows. Currently, many practical tips for applying eyeliner are useful; all you have to do is choose the one that pleases you.

Some women would warm up smooth, finishing with the light, while other women will instead put the freezer. A gentle pulling of an eyelid tout will help keep the eye pencil from making broken lines on the eyelid. Currently, mechanical eyeliners are available to make it easy to smooth your eyelid.

Using the bottle

Some women usually have problems when using eye pencils, and that makes them prefer liquid eyeliner. Liquid eyeliners are manufactured with a little bottle, and it can leave a sophisticated and silky finish. Women can put on bright eye-shadows using liquid eyeliner without making them look like a clown. However, since liquid eyeliner easily glides, it can become messy, especially if you put them accidentally in the wrong areas.

Using the jar

You may wonder what type of eyeliner comes in the jar! Of course, gel eyeliner is the one. Gel eyeliner provides an easy application of the eyeliner matched with the liquid silky finishing. Gel eyeliner is usually applied with a makeup brush. However, other women prefer this technique since it allows them to slide and pat eyeliner on.


Magnet lashes with eyeliner one of the most recommended beauty product because it’s not rough like eye pencil and also it does not run a lot like liquid eyeliner. Magnet lashes eyeliner is also the same as gel eyeliner, which is also flexible to use since their brushes come in different sizes and achieve different outcomes.

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