How To Store And Maintain Your Spare Wheel And Tire

Storage and maintenance are two things that you have to really think about as a car owner. There are different ways for different models of cars to do these. Each component also has its own optimal method of storage and maintenance. If you want to keep your car and its components in the best condition, you should know the right approach.

It’s important to know the right way to store and maintain your wheels Mercedes Benz. By keeping them in the best possible condition, you will still have a lot of use for them later on. This is also a great approach if you are thinking of selling the wheels somewhere down the line.

Clean up the spare wheel and tire

Always clean the components of your car that you don’t intend to use right now. By keeping them clean, you are minimizing the time and effort that you have to put out once you have to use them. When you store the wheel and tire clean, you no longer have to worry about any additional steps when you need it for an emergency.

There will be times that you need to use the wheels Mercedes Benz as soon as possible. If it’s dirty and there are parts that are unhinged, you won’t be able to use it quickly. Always store it clean and tidy.

Use an airtight plastic bag

Store the wheels inside of an airtight plastic bag to avoid moisture from getting into the wheels. Moisture can leave damage on the wheels when left for a long time. Make sure that you close the bag as tight as possible with tape. You should also avoid storing multiple wheels inside of the same airtight plastic bag. Lawn and leaf bags will work for this step.

Don’t store it near windows

When storing a spare wheel, you should avoid leaving it where it will be reached by direct sunlight for extended periods of time. The UV rays from the sun present detrimental effects on the rubber material of the spare wheel. If the same spot is constantly exposed to the sun, it will not be as durable as you expect it to be.

Storing your spare wheel near a window will also mean that it won’t be in a cool, dry location. It’s vital that you keep it in such conditions so there won’t be any issues stemming from the changes of temperature due to the weather outside.

Check on it every now and then

Make sure you check up on the condition of the wheels that you have stored. This will help you identify if there are any issues that you didn’t notice the first time or if there are dilemmas that are now apparent. Checking stored components only when you need them can cause you to run into problems that you could’ve prevented had you checked on them earlier.

You will also be able to keep a current inventory for when you are in need of replacement parts for the car you’re using.

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