seagull spikes

Install these to scare away birds!

It is their nature!

            Just like other living beings, birds also have their own natural way of life cycle. Bird life cycle differs from other animals as they are able to weave their nests all by using natural materials such as straw, palm fibers and other things. The birds also are well known to dirty up any place they occupy and they lay their droppings into balconies which are known to all of us. In order to prevent them from dirtying up your house you have to take measures to prevent them according to their natural ways and seagull spikes are the best option.

Special and innovative!

            Use of this brilliant idea is sure to deter the birds away especially the pigeons and the seagulls that are found to drop their waste on building spaces that are exposed such as the balcony, the window sill, the parapet walls, the wooden beams in garden pergolas, and other such areas. These brilliant devices can be easily fixed to any surface with the appropriate gluing system or can be tied to pipes and to gutters or window sills.

seagull spikes

Salient features:

            They are user friendly, easy to install or attach to any surface with the right materials, they are highly visible to the birds even from far off distances or heights in the air. They can deter the birds from landing on them and therefore from laying their droppings and dirtying the whole area. This will prevent the foul smell and the unsightly look of the place. The diseases caused by these excrements can be prevented; the nests that occupy the small space in the building which might give home to other pests like mice can be prevented as well.

Prevent clogging:

            The devices can be stuck on to the rainwater gutters installed on the roof of the buildings or on the end of the roof tiles to bring the rain water down from the roof into the ground. If the birds clog these gutters with their droppings or their feathers or their nests, then the gutters become clogged and the rain water cannot come down and it will flood the whole roof. This extra work can be prevented if you install these spikes into the roof gutters.


            Many people have used these spikes to scare away the birds and have found it very useful and it saves a lot of money and saves people from becoming sick. The customers are very happy with the performance of the seagull spikes and have found them very user friendly easy to handle and above all safe also for children. One must try these if you are having any bird problem in your area.

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