Is it illegal to use fake/dummy credit cards?

Most of the people have this question in mind if they can use fake credit card numbers for purchases and other tasks. You won’t face any harm if you haven’t used the card to take the benefit of another person. If you don’t try to fabricate the truth and make someone’s fraud, then it won’t be illegal. Sometimes, you might want it for a movie prop and this won’t be a way to fraud anyone. If it is legal, then you can use a credit card generator to get a fake credit card number and details.

What if you try purchasing a fake card?

If you are planning to purchase a fake credit card number, then it will be considered illegal. In some of the jurisdictions, this will be considered as a fraud and you will be charged with deception. Trying to buy goods without wanting to pay for them is wrong for the firm. In case, merchant refuses your card, you will still have to face the consequences of defrauding in some jurisdictions. As you know that planning for the crime is also illegal and there are high chances that you will face legal issues even if you won’t use that fake card.

Don’t think that using the fake credit card number is a bad idea offline but it will be worst if you try to fraud online e-commerce sites. The e-commerce company can charge you with a fraud case. There are several reasons due to which the fake credit card number is illegal for everyone. You can only use fake cards when you are making a video or movie. Using your fake card to test your website transaction won’t be illegal because you will do it for your own sake and it won’t be harmful to anyone else. Other than that, you will have to face the bad consequences of this decision.

Checking e-commerce software

If you are the owner of an e-commerce website, then you might need to use the fake credit card to check the transaction process. If the procedure goes well and the card is rejected, then the merchant can be sure that the software is working properly. You can choose the best credit card generator to get the fake credit card number with details. Using a fake credit card for personal purposes and without trying to hurt someone won’t make you face any consequences.

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