Join us!!! Be a volunteer with Food from the Heart!!!

Make a difference and avail the volunteering opportunities for charity in singapore. Our organization is constantly looking out for people who can volunteer the charity service to make a difference in the life of the needy. We have many dedicated volunteers and we provide good opportunities and events for them. If you are someone who would like to bring a change in society and contribute your valuable service for the needy you are welcome to join us. The voluntary service accepts the working adults, students of secondary school, and also the retired employees. We accept volunteers in three different categories which are listed as individual volunteers, School volunteers, or the service vendors.

Individual Volunteers:

This opportunity is for anyone who desires to do meaningful work as a volunteer by working with us. There are many events and activities which invite many volunteers where the students on vacation, housewife, other retired employees are accepted. The work involved in our organization as a volunteer is to sort out the food donations from the source and then packing it into two different ones. This sorting of food helps any needy individual to get all the essentials. Videography and graphic design are a few other skill-oriented tasks that also can be done by the volunteers. It is also a good platform to meet and spend time with the like-minded friends that you find in the organization. Avail the opportunity and join us. It indeed gives a great self-satisfaction and pleasure when you work for these volunteering opportunities for charity in singapore.

volunteering opportunities for charity in singapore

Volunteer for School students and Corporates!

To make the students learn real-world skills like entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, and teamwork they have to be given the responsibility of organizing food donation. This activity will imbibe positive qualities in the students. The corporate employees can help us in driving the food donations to the right place. They can also provide Logistics and organize Charity events.

Vendors for Food!!!

You can use the strength of your organization for corporate social responsibility and support Food from the heart. The help can be in the form of direct food donations or maybe partial sponsorship by reducing the prices of the goods. Most of the food vendors are very generous to help and they provide a great contribution to the food programs we initiate. Your helping hand makes a huge difference in our work. We have many ongoing food delivery programs and one of them is called a bread run program. The work involves collecting bakery items from a bakery or hotel and then bringing them to the organisation. After sorting the food, the delivery of the food items to the beneficiary homes is done. These deliveries are tracked by using mobile applications. To be a volunteer in this program you ought to get your vehicle. You can choose your daily regular route and even then volunteer once a week.

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