Know all about Antenna Rotator Systems at Tecomart

Know all about Antenna Rotator Systems at Tecomart

We are all well aware of how unpredictable the weather these days is. Due to the rise in global warming, we cannot say for sure what would happen next. Gone are the days when you could predict a day by looking at the sky. Such adverse weather conditions are because of the overall disruption in the earth’s atmospheric mechanism that used to sustain the planet in a steady and stable fashion.

And, it is true that such unpredictable times ask for unpredictable solutions. We have no choice but to ramp up the traditional equipment we have been using so far and innovate them to suit the present needs. In the case of antennas, the earlier simple one won’t do. We cannot help but invest in waterproof antennas if we want to ensure the same kind of efficiency and reliability in getting crystal clear conversation.

What is up with the rotator systems you may ask?  

Antenna rotator for sale are nothing but motorized units to enable the best reception of communication signals. Yes, even in the harshest of weather conditions. It ensures that the quality of communication received is top-notch. The Antenna Rotator Systems at Tecomart are suitable for a wide variety of antenna installation equipment. So, next time you think of erecting a new tower or replacing an old system, Tecomart should be one of your choices.

There are various things to be kept in mind before buying the right kind of antenna rotator system. It is pure science.

You should always look for a rotator’s turning and braking capability. It is for the fact that a small rotator can get damaged due to the wearing out of its gear in stormy weather conditions.

There is another thing also that should be kept in mind which is the K-factor. It equals the turning radius multiplied by the weight of the Antenna. The K factor is measured in foot-pounds. For multiple antennas, you have to simply add the K factors of each antenna to arrive at the final total value.

The next final thing you got to do is compare both the K factor and the surface area ( insq.ft.) of your antenna to the specifications. Consider your Rotator safe if both of these are within the ratings mentioned.

Except for this, you don’t have to do anything but trust Tecomart. Since 1994, it has been delivering trusted brands at wholesale prices. You can simply ask for quotations and they will be there for any kind of help the customer desires in buying navigation & communication equipment listed on the website.

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