Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Singapore: Need and best place to get it

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage Singapore: Need and best place to get it

A Manual lymphatic drainage massage has become a popular form of massage among people due to its various health benefits. Doctors even recommend it before and after surgery. Do you want to know why? And what is this massage used for? Then you are at the right place as we have covered answered all these questions in our article and places where you can get manual lymphatic drainage massage singapore.

What is manual lymphatic Drainage Massage?

manual lymphatic drainage massage singapore

The manual lymphatic drainage massage focuses on the lymphatic system, which contains lymph nodes, water, waste products, and immune system elements. The massage focuses on improving blood circulation maintaining body fluids and immune systems.

What is it used for?

The massage is used for people with lymphedema; lymphedema is a condition that involves swelling due to surgery, injuries, infection, cancer treatment, genetic disorders.

Symptoms of lymphedema include

  • Pain
  • Tissue swelling
  • Weakness
  • Skin discoloration
  • Frequent infections

How does it work?

The manual drainage lymphatic drainage massage stimulates the lymph vessels and eliminates the excess fluids which cause the swelling. It removes the cellular waste products, viruses, and bacteria present at or around the targeted area of the body. Then the eliminated content will directly go to the lymph nodes by lymph vessels, where it will be cleaned and filtered by the lymphatic systems or immune system. It is an entirely painless procedure as the therapist applies the pressure slowly and gently, which relaxes your body and mind.

How does it help in pre and post-surgery?

The manual lymphatic drainage massage works on the surgical area of the body. It gets the body into the best condition before the surgery by optimizing the cellular environment and maintaining the balance of fluids which helps in reducing the chances of post-surgical complications like swelling, pain, bruising, and risk of infection.

It stimulates the lymph vessel and focuses on lymph nodes which maintain the blood circulation containing nutrients for faster tissue healing which helps in quick recovery after the surgery without facing any complications.

It has proven effective before and after the surgery that even doctors recommend this form of massage to their patients.

Where can you get a Manual lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore?

We have listed the best physio clinic based on their customer reviews, experience, and certified licenses, so you can quickly get the best manual lymphatic drainage massage.

  • Rapid Physiocare
  • Heal 360 physio clinic
  • Integrative Physio
  • Core concepts Physiotherapy Raffles Place

So, these are some of the best physio clinics in Singapore where you can get the manual lymphatic drainage massage.

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