Mortgage overview for beginners

A mortgage is a instrument for debt they are  secured by the collateral of  real estate property, that the borrower is required to pay back with a before hand determined set of payments.


Mortgages are used to make big real estate purchases by business person’s and individuals without paying the entire purchase amount before itself. The borrower slowly repay the money taken as loan along with the interest to the property is owned by him completely. These are the claims on property here if the borrower stops paying the amount of mortgage then the lender can close it. Check out the mortgage lending news. 

Types of Mortgages

There are many forms in Mortgages. The most popular and common mortgages are 30 year and 15 year fixed mortgages and see me mortgage periods range from 5 years to 40 years , increasing the years of installments payments, increases the interest amount to be paid and in return decrease the payments of monthly.

In a fixed-rate mortgage which is also called as traditional mortgage  life long the borrower should pay the interest rate life long.The monthly principal amount and interest amount to be  payed never changes from the first time payment to the last final payment. If the market interest rates increases the payment amount of borrower does not have any changes but if interest rates drop gradually later on, the borrower can be enabled to secure the lower rate of decreasing interest by again refinancing the mortgage.

In adjustable rate mortgage (ARM), interest rates are fixed for first deposited term then it later fluctuates with market interest rates either increasing or decreasing. The interest rate of initial payments is below the rate of market making  mortgage more affordable in the short term but in long term it is less affordable. If later on interest rates increase then the borrower cannot afford the monthly payments which are higher. Interest rates can also be  decreased, making adjustable rate mortgage cheaper. So according to this after initial payments, set of monthly payments can be unpredictable.

There are some other types namely interest only mortgages and payment option adjustable rate mortgage both of these involves complex repayment schedules which are not easy  and  used by borrowers who are highly sophisticated. These types of mortgages causes house owner’s to get into troubles.

Forward and backward mortgage:

Mortgages which are used to buy a home are forward mortgages  whereas Reverse mortgage is for house owner’s who are 62 or older wants convert  a part equity in their homes into money.

These house owners borrow money which is the value of the home and will be  receiving the money as huge sum or even monthly fixed money.The entire loan balance will  become due balance and should be paid when the borrower dies or shifts permanently, or sold the home. When finding for a mortgage, it is good with add on benefits to use mortgage calculator to know how much should be paid monthly. The present tools  help in calculating the total interest cost  to  the life of mortgage, to give you an idea of how much actually will a property will cost.

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