Modern Washing Machines

Nifty Features of Modern Washing Machines That You Need

     Modern washing machines now come with a dazzling array of features and at first glance, you might think that they are just gimmicks. A closer look, however, will let you realize that some are indeed quite useful. Some even come equipped with full integration into existing AI systems available in the market today. A washing machine is one of the most essential parts of any modern household and they are available all over the world. American advertisements would proclaim, buy our washing machines here, the Dutch would say, wasmachine, and so on and so forth across the world. The point is that wherever you are in this world, a washing machine is a necessity in life. With this in mind, let us take a closer look at these handy and as others claim, “extravagant” features of a modern washer.

Auto-sensing water level

     This at first, would seem unnecessary, but admit it, how many times have you left water overflowing because you got busy with another chore? This feature will actually save you time, water and energy. The machine automatically adjusts the water level according to the load you put into it. This also covers auto on and shut-off for water when it senses it reached the required level.

Fast Wash

      This is great for quick jobs and for those not so dirty clothes that you need to be done in a jiffy, but may not be suitable for heavily soiled clothing. However, the “fast” setting can vary from machine to machine.

Can do “Hand wash” only clothing

     Most modern washers have a gentle setting for those clothing that is labelled hand wash only. This includes silk, cashmere, and woolen clothing.

Out of Balance Correction

    This is very nifty indeed, especially for top loaders. Being unbalanced can interrupt a cycle mid-wash causing the machine to spend more time than necessary in a single load. This is handy especially for those machines that have an uneven surface mounting .

Modern Washing Machines

Anti-Crease Feature

    This feature claims to reduce the need for ironing your clothing straight out of the washer. This works by not draining the rinse water, or lower rinse speeds when drying out the laundry

Internal Water Heater

     This feature is most handy especially if you do not have extra plumbing to run hot water to your washer. A washer with an internal heater gives you more temperature options and more control over them.

Wifi Connectivity

    Really? However, this is super handy especially for a busybody in an urban setting. You can actually do your laundry while you are at the office with this feature. However, you still need to load and unload the laundry yourself.

The Takeaway

    Regardless of how many features or extras your machine might have deep down, they are the same at their core. Proper preventive maintenance and following the instructions properly, will allow your machine to serve you for a long time.

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