Prepare various varieties of chicken

Prepare various varieties of chicken

As we all know that there are lots of varieties of chicken items that you will find when you reach a hotel or a restaurant. These all things that we can also try at our home if you know the recipe. If you know the correct recipe of the preparation then you can cook the best combination that you can. Most of the people want to taste the chicken in various varieties because it is the dish that can be blended into various varieties. More over people like the dishes with different combinations. They even get excited by listening the word and the combination that was used to prepare it. Among such variety basil chicken rice with egg is one such variety which gives some thing interested to taste. Usually this dish is prepared with the combination of both egg and chicken. As both egg and chicken contains protein this dish will be very beneficial to the persons those who are really interested about their diet. By combining both the egg and chicken the nutritional value of the dish has been tremendously increased. By tasting this you will get the taste of the both egg and chicken. So it will be mouth watering dish that everyone wants to taste in their life.

basil chicken rice with egg

Precautions to be taken while preparing this dish.

  • If you are planning to prepare any dish then there are certain precautions that you need to take so that the taste of the dish won’t alter.
  • So the same thing will be applied in the case of basil chicken rice with egg as we are preparing this dish by mixing two varieties into one dish
  • The first thing that you have to take control is there won’t be any alterations in the taste of the dish even if you used two varieties.
  • The customer will always look into the dish as they are expecting both egg and chicken in the dish that they have ordered.
  • So you need to take care that the quantities should be equal and none of them should be over dominant. If you take this precaution while preparing them you will get half success.
  • The other thing that you need to take care is as you are preparing the dish with two there won’t be any domination of either of them. If one dominates then the taste of the food will entirely changes.


If you prepare the food by following the above instructions then it would be great.

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