The quality of the ingredients that go into the manufacture of a product determines its market value. Notably, the cosmetic world has to be cautious about it as any minor compromise with quality standards may result in damage to skin and health. The reputation of the manufacturer also may witness a severe plunge. Eyelash extensions are very popular with beauty freaks and are undergoing significant revolutions every day. Many accessories help you in the application of eyelash extensions. Glue is an essential accessory in the process and finding out the right type with strong individual lash adhesive will double your gorgeous look.

There are different kinds of adhesives available out there. But what’s the perfect one for you? Confused? Worry not; It is not rocket science. A basic understanding of different glues will help you in picking the best.

The ideal professional Eyelash extension adhesive ideal for you:

Professionals use different types of adhesives depending on the requirement. The strength, color, and combination are different for different extension type.

Extra strong:

It is the strongest glue that sticks in a second and has the most extended life.

Extra strong evolution:

 This is advanced of Extra strong adhesive. It takes 1- 2 seconds to stick and stays even stronger than the previous one.

Sensitive eyelash extension glue:

This is specially meant for sensitive eyes as the ingredient used in this particular one is slightly different from others. It sets in 5 to 6 seconds and doesn’t irritate eyes. The time taken is to allow the ingredient to get absorbed in the eyelashes evenly. The unique formula gives soothing comfort to the eyes while adding beauty to the eyes.


As the name suggests, the glue in this adhesive is slightly thicker and has extra capacity. It takes about 3 to 4 seconds for it to set,allowing it sufficient time to get absorbed evenly.

Some don’ts while applying the product:

Agreed- Eyelash extension products are theright way of maintaining eye beauty. By avoiding certain things, you can maintain its beauty further and help in extended lasting survival.

  • Avoid using oil-based makeups and products. The oil present may cause its breakage and thus result in early fall.
  • Don’t comb Rubbing or scrubbing your eyes will hurt the product. While it is not good tocurl or straighten the lashes, it can, in turn, cause damage to the product.
  • Avoid waterproof products for eye makeup. These are not easy to remove, and the more the staying power of the product, the more difficult it is to remove it. This will cause damage to both the eyelashes and the glue.

Eyelash extensions are a great way of enhancing your eye beauty, and selecting the best adhesive will help you in giving the perfect combo for this.

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