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The Most Innovative Things Happening With fertility screening Singapore


Fertility screening means tests that help them predict the chance of getting pregnant without medical help, also known as natural pregnancy. These tests can be taken as early as two weeks after the first day of a woman’s period, but they are not accurate until one tries to get pregnant for at least six months.

What’s involved infertility diagnosis?

Several kinds of tests are used to evaluate a woman’s fertility potential. One common test, the basal body temperature test, involves taking their basal body temperature every day before one gets out of bed. Their basal body temperature is the lowest temperature their body reaches while sleeping, which occurs just after ovulation. A woman trying to conceive needs to take them temperature upon waking up every morning and record it on a chart. After she has recorded their temperatures over several months, she will tell if there is a clear pattern of change in the basal body temperature that correlates with ovulation.

It’s not unusual for women first discovering this method to be frustrated because they don’t seem to have any discernible pattern. But usually, after two or three months, a pattern will begin to emerge. The chart can also be useful in tracking a pregnancy by using the day that conception occurred as the baseline. Fertility testing involves checking hormone levels in the blood, vaginal fluids, and cervix. Hormone tests can help determine if ovulation has taken place and whether an egg has been released from the ovary in preparation for fertilization by sperm. fertility screening singapore may also be performed to rule out certain medical problems that may interfere with conception or pregnancy maintenance.

fertility screening singapore

Fertility screening helps one plan their family.

Fertility screening allows one to plan the timing of their family. Consider, for example, a couple that has been trying to get pregnant for some time with no success. The woman is 38 years old and has never had a menstrual cycle. She may be ovulating irregularly or not at all. Fertility screening can help in this situation by telling them how likely it is that she will ovulate again and, if she does, how likely it is that she will become pregnant. If they don’t know whether she will ovulate again soon, they can test them with fertility-enhancing drugs to encourage ovulation. Suppose they don’t know whether pregnancy will ensue when she does ovulate. In that case, they can perform in vitro fertilization (IVF) so that if pregnancy occurs, it can be detected more easily and treated more aggressively.

Trying to get pregnant without knowing about fertility screening singapore would be like going fishing without a pole or bait or a map showing where the fish are biting. It’s not impossible, but it’s considerably less likely that one will catch something.


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