mosquito pest control Singapore

The time of preventive measures with mosquito control

If you have not yet started using mosquito pest control methods, it is time to take action.

All the recent rains make the greens shine and shine on the trees and shrubs. And the roses almost bloom when the new sun heats the plants. But with all this rain there are two events that we often don’t expect. (In addition to the nasty floods that exist).

We test them every year at this time. The grass grows tall, and this lawnmower calls us by our name. Mosquito eggs also begin to hatch, and we begin to scratch their bites.

The grass that grows in my garden is already crazy. I cut yesterday for the third or fourth time. All this moisture makes me work on this job early.

But yesterday was different from my previous cut job this year. The mosquitoes attacked.

The first time I didn’t realize it was a bite in my leg until I looked down. Then I noticed my first mosquito this season. And I tell you this was not a welcome show.

Yesterday I only received three or four bites, but it was three or four, too much for me.

The drainage ditch on my property remains wet all spring, making it an ideal place to incubate mosquitoes. And I can’t spray this ditch only with old pesticides because I have dogs.

My black lab, in particular, drinks from that ditch when nobody is watching. And she likes to lie in the water to cool off when it heats up when playing to find.

Therefore, pest control activities around this pit are quite challenging to carry out. I have to be very careful with the type of insecticides I use around my dogs.

However, there are many other mosquito control options in most homes.

In the winter months, we stay more inside than outside. Therefore, we do not pay much attention to the objects found in our yards. In the fall, sometimes we clean the pots to prepare them for spring. The problem is that we often don’t think about turning these objects upside down. They collect water when the snow melts, and it rains.

Mosquitoes do not find this stagnant water for a long time and turn it into a nursery.

As a critical element, your checklist must include a search on your property of anything that collects water. Remove these items and rearrange them so that water cannot remain in them if you can. If you cannot move them, be sure to check them periodically for water. Look at them, especially after the rain.

If you have old tires, dispose of them. Water collects in these tires and gives mosquitoes another place to lay eggs.

Minimizing the ability to collect water in your garden is a highly effective mosquito pest control Singapore technique. For the average owner, this is the best option to control populations of this pest.

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