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Thief Simulator: Stealth-action Titles, Simulators And Adventure Games

An original game, Thief Simulator, fusing elements of stealth-action titles, simulators, and adventure video games. The video game was developed by GrabTheWallet Studio, and published by Stolen Dreams. The plot of the game is all about the life of a thief who breaks into houses to steal valuables. The role of the player is to lead them through their “profession” in such a way not to get caught. Players can have a try with the adventurous life. Users can go for a search the thief simulator free download to install on the computer system. 

The mechanics of the game

Thief Simulator is played from the first-person view. The player will rob various places. Whilst pulling off the jobs, the goal of the player is to steal as many valuable items as much as possible. The stolen goods will be sold on the black market to obtain money. The money will be spent on specialistic gadgets. These specialistic gadgets will be used or make easier to successfully complete the future missions. A reconnaissance phase is the beginning of each job the time which the player uses surveillance or a hidden camera in a mailbox. The player does not simply keep an eye on the daily routine of the residents on the time they are out. But, the player also collects information concerning systems or any possible way to get a wandering dog around the backyard. After the player finished the plan, it is ready to jump into action. Always remember that the backpack carried by the player-controlled character is not Doraemon’s pocket. So, The items to take are limited, click here for more details. The things or items to get are simply the ones that are enough in the backpack, there are things that need to be left. The player-controlled uses specialistic gadgets such as:

Thief simulator game

  • Lockpicks. It opens even the most advanced locks.
  • Scanning device. It is used for tracking valuable items. It also estimates how much the items worth. The use of this tool is strictly limited, the player can only use it for just a few times during one mission. Usually, the player is pressed for time making the jobs more complicated.

Besides, all the possible preparations for safety, the risk of getting caught is still high. Just like in normal life, the homeowner might arrive early than the predicted time. In addition, the more effective or expert the player gets at thieving, the more it gets the attention of the police. Luckily, the player can lessen the value displayed by an indicator telling the player how much interested they are caught by the police. This can only be done by the following:

  • Removing various traces
  • Erase numbers from the items being stolen
  • Disassemble the car parts being stolen
  • Turning off GPS transmitters
  • Disconnect the stolen cellphones, tablets and computers from the Internet

Players should know how this game had driven them into an adventurous life. The video game simply makes the real players feel how they are good when taking an adventurous life of a thief.

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