Things About natural wine You May Not Have Known

Natural wine is a wine that is made with minimal chemical and technological intervention. It is thought to be healthier than wine made by conventional methods and some believe that it tastes better. Unlike organic or biodynamic wines, natural wine are not made according to a set of strict rules regarding how grapes are grown, harvested, and fermented.

The process of making natural wine

Natural wines are wines that are created without the use of additives such as sulfites and manipulation of the wine by temperature control or filtration.

The process of making natural wine is quite simple, although it’s a little more labor-intensive than conventional winemaking. Natural wine is made in one of two ways: the first is by fermenting the grape juice with wild yeast, and the second is by fermenting it with a cultured yeast strain and then adding wild yeast to it.

The first method produces a more rustic-style wine, while the second produces a more aromatic one. In both cases, there’s little control over what kinds of yeasts and bacteria end up in the wine, so it’s common for these to be left out for several months after fermentation so that they can age properly.

natural wine

 During this period, most of the alcohol in the wine evaporates away as well as some of the aromas and flavors this is known as “racking.” When this happens, natural wine makers may choose to add back some of these aromas and flavors that they feel were lost during the racking process. However, they’re careful not to add anything artificial into their wine because they don’t want to taint its authenticity.

Natural wine can cure your hangover

I’m not sure there are many people out there who can make it through the holidays without a terrible hangover once or twice. Yes, it’s great to get together with loved ones and enjoy a few drinks, but once the party is over, you’re going to pay for it in the morning. There are some things you can do to reduce your chances of getting a hangover, like drinking plenty of water throughout the night and eating a small meal beforehand but even so, sometimes you’re just going to wake up feeling awful.

In these cases, natural wine can be an incredible cure. Natural wine is made from grapes that were grown organically and sustainably, and it has none of the preservatives found in commercial wines. This means that it doesn’t have the same harsh chemical aftertaste (and the nasty side effects) that many other wines have. Many natural wine enthusiasts claim that drinking a glass or two of this stuff before bed will help banish their hangovers in the morning.

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