Tile vs. TrackR: Which Bluetooth Tracker is The Best?

Choosing between these two well-known Bluetooth trackers is a tough decision. That’s why today’s article is written to break down their differences for you to come up with a choice.

When Bluetooth trackers became available on the market, there were only a few brands that make the good ones. As popularity continues to grow, it becomes harder to differentiate the newly released models – most of these new trackers have the same features. Most of the brands are offering the same products to track such as wallets, keys, or whatever items you can attach.

So, how do you choose between Tile vs Trackr?

Here’s the comparison chart to give you small differences between these two big Bluetooth tracker brands – Tile Style and Tile vs Trackr Pixel.

Features Tile Style TrackR Pixel
Bluetooth Range Up to 200ft Up to 100ft
Water & Dust Resistance IP68 IP57(Waterproof with accessory)
Phone Finder Yes Yes
Alert Volume Up to 98dB Up to 90dB
Weight 11g 4g
Size 1.48 inches x 1.48 inches square 1.03 diameter circle
Replaceable Battery No, but has a 40% discount with reTile program Yes (free replacements)
Crowdsourced Tracking Yes Yes
Price $35 $25

As you can see from the table above, there are a few differences between these two products. Both of them offer the finding feature, gives you the choices to press a particular button on the tracker to send an alarm on your missing devices.

Bluetooth tracker brands also stated about their gigantic crowdsourced tracking features, that finds lost items quickly. Depending on what you need, you can see the square-type Tile tracker works the best for you. Or perhaps, the lighter and less expensive TrackR Pixel could be the best bet.

So, go right here and take a more profound approach to the differences between these two Bluetooth tracker giants to help you come up with a decision.

Bluetooth Range

As you can see in the table above, when it comes to Bluetooth range Tile Style is the most competent. Tile Style outshined TrackR Pixel giving you an additional sweet treat of extra 100 feet Bluetooth range. So, if you have a large household, the Tile Style Bluetooth tracker is the perfect option for you!

Water and Dust Resistance

Again, from Tile Style offering an impressive built-in IP68 water and dust resistance for you all!

But if you have a limited budget and don’t want to go further than IP57, then TrackR Pixel is a good buy for you. However, if you’re willing to give an additional ten bucks for extra protection when it comes to water and dust resistance, then buying a Tile Style Bluetooth tracker is a smart decision. A waterproof Bluetooth tracker is a brainer feature for any outdoor belongings.

Alert Volume

When it comes to alert volume, Tile Style has an additional 8dcB advantage over TrackR Pixel. But you’re not likely to perceive the difference between these two. So, if you frequently lose your keys under the basement full of dirty laundry, then buying for extra decibels could be a better option for you.

Other Factors and Features

For the size and weight, TrackR Pixel is quite light compared to Tile Style. So, if you prefer lighter things, go for TrackR Pixel. Moreover, the TrackR Pixel is the right choice if you prefer free items. With TrackR Pixel, if the battery runs out, you can turn it back to the store to have it replaced with a new battery. On the other hand, Tile Style doesn’t offer this kind of service, though they can give you a less 40% discount.

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