Tips On Designing And Building Your Own Home Cinema

Tips On Designing And Building Your Own Home Cinema

It can be fun to design and build your own home cinema. You can do this even if you do not have any experience in designing or decorating. The only things you should consider are your budget and the available space. Your imagination knows no limits. Some people shy away from the thought of building their own home cinema. One of the reasons is they think it is very expensive. You can save money if you do not go to movies and watch them in your home cinema instead.

A home cinema does not need new and expensive things. You can build your own speakers from DIY shops. You can also pick up affordable second-hand home cinema seats. Make sure to get the best audio and video equipment you could get your hands on.


The first thing you should consider is the location. Choose a room you plan to transform into a home cinema. You should make sure that the home cinema theater, seats, and other furniture will fit. Once you have decided on which room to use, choose a theme. Some people choose to use movies as their theme. Framed movie posters and large film reels are then displayed on the walls. Some of the common themes are science fiction, nautical and fantasy themes.



Choosing the decor for your home cinema depends on your chosen theme. You can put frames on the wall to match your theme. You can also put panels with insulation behind to help with the room acoustics. Choose a drape or heavy curtain that ties in with the theme. Cover the screen when not in use. Dark colors do not reflect the light so it is great for movie theaters and home cinemas. Cover any windows with thick drapes to prevent light from coming in.

There are great decors available in auction sites. You should also visit local thrift shops and antique shops. There can be unique items to match your chosen theme. Be creative. You can come up with inexpensive ideas to decorate your home cinema.


Start with home cinema seats that match your chosen theme. You can choose to have leather-upholstered recliners or customized sofas. It is important that each seat in the home cinema has a good view of the screen. Each seat should also be in a proper position for good sound quality


The best kind of lighting for a home cinema is recessed lighting that you can dim or turn off. You can have it built into the ceiling or installed by adding a quick drop ceiling. Light sconces that throw the light to the ceiling is also a good choice. A dimmer switch can dim lights down. It provides enough lighting for moving around but not enough to intrude onto the screen.


This is the most important element of a home cinema. You should get the best equipment for video and audio that you could get your hands on. Do not forget the AV receiver that connects everything together. The audio will be available to any seat in the home cinema if you have a good movie surround sound system. Choose the right projection system. It is all a matter of choice and budget.

Designing and building your own home cinema needs a lot of patience and will consume a lot of time. Do not act on impulse. Think it through before you buy anything for your home cinema. It is best to enjoy the process so you can appreciate the result even more.

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