Cognitive aptitude test

Understand the role of Cognitive ability Test in hiring

For hiring an efficient person it is important that you choose a candidate with good experience and knowledge. However, you may see things in CV but are you really sure that details mentioned in the CV with regards to skills and abilities are accurate. The person at the time of personal interview may try to convenience you in the best possible manner. But your job is to make sure you take the decision of hiring only after careful analysis. For this nothing works better than an assessment solution such as technical or aptitude round which gives a clear yet precise idea and this way you can compare pretty clearly.

Know more about Cognitive ability Test:

Cognitive aptitude test also known as the intelligence ability tests is one of the common processes that are used for hiring. When such type of test is being used in the psychometric assessment, it is usually considered to be the set of around 20-50 questions with a particular topic such as verbal, numerical, logical and deductive. It this way allows you for the less response time.

How can such type of test be helpful to you?

Cognitive aptitude test

The prime reason of choosing such type of test is to offer the best possible solution and a clear idea to the company who is planning to hire a candidate they have never met earlier. The obstacles that are involved in such type of test include a short time span with some questions. The questions can be quite tricky at times and might even be distracters. But of the candidate prepares himself/herself pretty much well along with a good practice then there should not be any problem for you to actually hire the right person.

It is important that a candidate is being assessed on wide range of verbal, numerical and even the logical reasoning questions which are the part of the cognitive test. However to do this you need to make sure that there is a stringent guidelines given that would actually help you in understanding what the better speed can actually cover maximum questions that too in less span of time. This way, it would help you understand logic between why assessment is preferred over personal hiring

Using the right type of cognitive test:

There are many companies that uses cognitive ability test which includes verbal, numerical and even the non-verbal questions. Generally the styles of such type of questions are quiet similar. One such similar test which has gained popularity over the past years is the wonderlic test. It comes with two versions one is the 30 questions which is expected to be finished within stringent timelines and other comes with 51 questions which is expected to be completed in 12 minutes or even less.

The cognitive ability is the most efficient form of test you can come across. But make it a point that you choose this option only after you carefully analyse and understand how it really works for better and valuable results.

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