leave management processes

What are Leave-Management Service Processes

The key to success for every company lies in their employees. Thus,they need to ensure that their employees are consistently engaged in their work and give their best to maintain their productivity. However, there are certain factors that can prevent this from happening such as unauthorized absenteeism as well as lack of proper leave planning. Such an unanticipated absence can prove costly to the company. It affects their project deadlines, lead to poor customer service, or non-achievement of certain objectives.

Companies need to invest in good leave management services as they cover several responsibilities including keeping accurate attendance records, coaching employees on how to request time off.

While it is recommended that companies offer paid time off, as an employee engagement component, it may have a significant financial impact on the bottom line. On the other hand, unpaid time off from work could lead to low morale and productivity decline. Accurate and efficient leave management can help the company maintain their productivity and at the same time know that their employees’ needs are met.

Organizational policies, therefore, should carefully consider leave management processes because it ensures all the processes are running smoothly. It can also help in creating paperless, effective solutions that reduce or eliminate the margin of error in leave benefits calculations.

The responsibility of managing leaves is mostly thrust upon the line managers, and with HR. This does not ensure that the complete picture is completely available to senior management. Possibly the data is not efficiently tracked, or lack of automation is leading to higher turn around time which slips down the priority list of senior management team.

An automated leave management system is better at keeping track of leaves, leave balance, holiday list etc. These systems are able to provide accurate leave management that are highly essential for efficient payroll processing.

 leave management processes

  • Track and manage leaves
  • Maintain a balance leaves record
  • Automated leave entries and records
  • Defined various leave types.
  • Configure multiple leave policy
  • Leaves eligibility.
  • Leave report generation.
  • History of leaves approved, rejected and approved.
  • Integrate with existing systems.
  • Manage time-offs
  • Customized reports are made available

A leave management system does not only help companies but also their employees at the same time. The system helps to reduce large number of hours of manual work and bulky records and ensure a smoother tracking of leaves. This also eases the HR manager’s day to day activities. It allows for smart planning of an employee’s absence in advance. This way employees can also plan their leave according to the staffing requirement of the company at a particular period of time.

A good Leave Management System is basically a process within which the employees apply for leave online and the employer can customize different leave types and setup the leave policy suitable for the company.

A brief summary of all advantages of leave management services:

– Reduce manual work

– Instantly submit leave applications

– Prevent (or reduce) mistakes through automation

– Avoid spreadsheets

– Track leaves easily

The above benefits have been made possible due to technological advancements. They have essentially replaced many obsolete traditions such as maintaining spreadsheets or registers for keeping records. They help save time and money in a competitive business environment where simpler and quicker processes are the need of the hour to maintain a competitive advantage.

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