What is the Importance Of Eraser?

Everyone knows the importance of a pencil. But many people don’t know how important an eraser is to the process of writing and drawing. A pencil is not complete without one because it allows for mistakes to be corrected as you go along with your work.  An eraser can also help make your artwork more creative by removing lines that are unnecessary or adding different colors on top of existing ones.

Eraser is one of the most important tools for artist. It helps them to correct any mistakes they might have made while drawing or painting. They are also used in correcting errors on typed documents. However, there are certain erasers that should not be used on paper because they could cause more damage than good.

There are 5 types of erasers you need to know about, namely: kneaded rubber, vinyl plastic, synthetic rubber, cellulose and chalk/chalkboard eraser. Eraser is a very important tool in the world of arts and crafts. It is necessary for correcting mistakes made with pencils, pens, markers or paint brushes. Erasers come in different shapes and sizes to suit all needs. They can be found at most art stores, office supply stores and craft shops.


3 reasons why you should use eraser?

The eraser is an underrated tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. Here are three reasons why you should use eraser more often:

  • To erase mistakes: We all make mistakes, and the eraser is the perfect tool to help us fix them.
  • To erase unwanted marks: Sometimes we may want to erase something that we have written or drawn on paper. The eraser is great for this.
  • To create clean lines: Sometimes when we are drawing or writing, we want clean, sharp lines. The eraser can help us achieve this effect.

The shape of an eraser affects how much surface area is contacted with the board and therefore how well it can remove marker ink. There are three main shapes: rectangular, triangular, and round. Rectangular shaped boards require a rectangle shaped eraser for best results. Triangular boards require a triangular shaped eraser and round boards need round-shaped ones. Keep in mind that if your board has curved surfaces like those found on glass or acrylic whiteboards, then any one of these shapes will work just fine.

The one factor that influences which type of eraser someone chooses is whether or not they are left handed or right handed. Erasers come in two sizes: large ones that fit well in a person’s hand if they are left handed, and small palm sized ones if they are right handed.

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