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What To Consider For Affordable Wedding Videography Singapore?

A wedding is not complete without having any forms of memoirs, or proof that it really did happen. Photographers and videographers are essential for any wedding to take place. However, it is important to have affordable wedding videography Singapore.

Before we look at costs, it is essential to understand the different styles and forms of videography.

What are the different styles of videography?

Wedding videography comes in different styles. You can select the style of your choice depending on your budget, the theme of the wedding and personal choices.

  • Cinematic: A film-like look is typical of cinematic videography and editing. Using slow motion, colour saturation, creative camera angles, and dramatic music, this style aims to create a powerful emotional impact. The ‘wow’ factor makes this a very unique method of telling your story.
  • Instagram Videos: Mobile phone and social media app popularity, especially Instagram’s, have led to increasingly shorter wedding videos being made. The Instagram feed typically has videos between 15 seconds and 60 seconds in length. However, longer videos can also be uploaded to IGTV.
  • Video Journals: Documentary films are usually described as documentaries. A continuous narrative is preserved by editing segments as they occur. The day will be documented in a polished manner as it unfolds through this style of editing.

What are the different forms of videos you can take?

There are different forms or types of videos that you can take to enhance your wedding celebrations. Again, this depends on your personal choices and affordability. Nonetheless, it would make the day of the married couple to have a lot of thought put into the video.

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  • Bridal elegance: This video often focuses on the bride in her wedding attire. The video can be shot before or after the ceremony.
  • Concept video: Concept footage is a mini film that is filmed like a story. The story is about the couple, together or separately. Often, it does not have anything to do with the couple’s real life.
  • Engagement/proposal video:It documents one person’s proposal to his or her partner. In engagement/proposal videos, the other person’s reaction and surprise are usually captured without their knowledge.
  • Love story: This is another form of videography where the couple is interviewed on how they are met, what their partner is like, and plans for the future.
  • Photo montage: This is basically a collection of still images that are showcased as a video. While the focus is on the photos, these montages could also include music and video footage.

Videography comes in different styles and forms. Hopefully, this article helps you in making an informed decision about procuring affordable wedding videography singapore.

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