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When And Why Should One Take The morning after pill?

More commonly known as plan-b, the morning-after pills are a composite of the levonorgestrel hormone. It is used as an emergency contraception method and it is used in case there is a chance that a woman might get pregnant. Although this pill has good effects and range yet it is strongly recommended that it should not be made into a habit or replacement to the original birth control tablets. The hormone present in this drug helps in terminating an existing pregnancy efficiently without any side effects. Unlike the name suggests, this morning after pill can be taken right after intercourse if you feel the need to take it. It contains a small amount of levonorgestrel which helps to lower the chances of getting pregnant by a great percentage.

Working of a plan-b drug

Although the effects of any medications related to hormone-altering depend upon where you are in your cycle, this medicine tries best to cover all the situations of a potential pregnancy. Taking the morning-after pill before you experience ovulation may prevent or delay it which can negatively affect your cycle in the long run. One must also keep in mind that these pills are not abortion pills, and they work differently than those pills. They do not cause a miscarriage or abortion and will not work if the person taking them is already pregnant.

morning after pill

Effectiveness of this medication

The effectiveness of this medication depends on the time you take this after having intercourse, or the place you are in your reproductive cycle. The faster you take it, the better chances it has of preventing an unwanted pregnancy. But a plan b medicine is not as effective as regular contraception which is used regularly. Thus, one should not take it as a form of birth control but only as an emergency contraception medicine. Another downside is the fact that it does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Its effectiveness also depends on the frequency of usage.

How to safely administer levonorgestrel?

These medications can be purchased at any drugstore without a prescription or proof of age. Since it is most effective when taken as soon as possible, you should take this right after intercourse, if needed. An even better plan would be if you kept a ready supply of it with you in case of an emergency.

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