Which gas water heaters are there?

The hot water devices can be divided into two categories:

  • Natural gas water heater
  • LPG water heater (liquid gas water heater)
  • Natural gas water heater

Natural gas water heaters are connected to the local gas network and are mainly used in residential buildings. With this form of water heating, a safe exhaust system must be ensured. The gas instantaneous camper water heater are connected either to a chimney (room air dependent) or to an exhaust pipe (room air independent). With room air-dependent gas flow heaters, the gas flame can only ignite if there is enough oxygen in the ambient air in the room. Such devices can therefore only be operated in rooms with high air circulation and a chimney. Room air-independent gas instantaneous water heaters access the outside air via the exhaust pipe. The operation of both types of device must be approved by a chimney sweep.

LPG water heater

These are instantaneous water heaters to which a gas bottle with liquid gas is connected. LPG stands for theĀ  Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is usually propane gas or butane gas. You can buy the gas bottles in the hardware store and they are available in different sizes from 2 to 11 kg. Propane gas tankless water heater for camper can be used both indoors and outdoors. Indoor use is rather uncommon in many countries and also uncomfortable in the long term – after all, you have to replace the gas cylinder regularly. Such liquid gas water heaters are therefore more likely to be used in holiday homes, gazebos or mobile homes – i.e. always where the regular water requirement is not so high. Propane gas water heaters can also be used outdoors and thus offer a great opportunity to get hot water outside. They are used for garden showers,

A gas water heater is mounted on the wall and connected to the gas network via pipes. In addition, an exhaust system is installed. The assembly and installation of a gas flow heater must always be carried out by qualified personnel and checked by a chimney sweep.

You can independently connect a propane gas water heater to a gas bottle and attach it to a tap with a garden hose. Gas instant water heaters should be serviced by a specialist once a year. Among other things, the combustion chambers are cleaned and the device is decalcified. LPG or liquid gas water heaters do not have to be serviced.

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