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Which Has The Longest Shelf Life: Wine, Beer, or Liquor?

Have you ever wondered if does alcohol expired? Or which alcohol beverage has the longest shelf life? Well, as you have known, wine gets better with age, but let this article tell if that holds true for other kinds of alcohol particularly once they’ve been opened.

It is difficult to determine the shelf life of different types of alcohol because liquor, beer, and wine are made out of various ingredients and are created through different processes. The factors that could affect the shelf life of different alcoholic beverages are changes in temperature, light exposure, and oxidation.


Liquor includes tequila, whiskey, brandy, scotch, schnapps, rum, and more. The quality of liquor will not decrease the moment they are bottled and sealed – it stops aging. Once opened, you should consume it within 6-8 months to get the best of its taste.

Liquors should be kept in a cool and dark place to preserve it. Except for cream liqueurs, it is not necessary to refrigerate liquors for storage. The bottles should be left in an upstanding or vertical position to keep from any contact with metal tops. This is to prevent corrosion from mixing with its content that can affect its taste and quality.

Storage is essential to stop evaporation and oxidation to prolong its shelf life.


Bottled beers do not have a long shelf life. It is in great quality six to eight months after its ‘use-by date and should be stored in a refrigerator to preserve it longer.

Beers with alcohol by volume higher than 8% can last longer without refrigeration than those with lower ones. Unpasteurized and low-quality beers have a much shorter shelf life. Beers are constantly pasteurized and no harmful pathogens which are destroyed during the heating process.

Since unpasteurized beers have a shorter shelf life, you should consume it within 3 months only, while the pasteurized beers can be consumed up to 1 year. Beers ought to be stored in a cool and dark place with a constant temperature. That’s why you should drink and finish it right away once it is opened.

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Wines are made from grapes. Only white wines get better with age but not the cheap variety that lasts only up to 2 years after being bottled. For organic wines, you should consume it sooner within 3-6 months after purchase. While fortified wines should be consumed within 28 days once opened.

However, sparkling wines have the shortest lifespan. Keep it refrigerated with an airtight wine stopper and should consume it within 3 days once opened.

Corked wine is stored on a sideways or horizontally. Light and heat affect its quality and flavor; therefore, you should keep in a cool, dry, and away from sunlight. Consume corked wine in 3-7 days.

Alcoholic drinks are made diversely, thus have different shelf lives. Do you want to see a fascinating collection of these beverages and give a try? Visit https://www.stockton.com.hk/  to know more. Give yourself an amazing cocktail treat at Stockton, the best secret whiskey and cocktail bar in central HongKong. Cheers!

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