Why should you Have Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher?

Why should you Have Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher?

Be it home, office, or warehouse, safety measures to save from disasters are necessary. Accidents may occur anywhere, but it is vital to ensure they don’t turn fatal. Prevention from fire accidents is similarly essential; if they cannot be averted entirely, we must at least be able to avoid huge damages and make sure it doesn’t cost lives. In offices and public spaces,  rules say that we need to have and maintain fire extinguishers. We don’t realize how important it is to have equipment like fire extinguishers in our houses. ABC fire extinguishers work well in residential and commercial buildings and help in case of a fire breakout.

The need for Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are essential in our houses in case of a fire breakout. They help extinguish fires early since water is not an adequate fire extinguisher when liquid fuel or an electronic circuit is involved.

abc fire extinguisher

Extinguishers form a layer above the fuel or the fire and cut off the oxygen supply for the fire, hence effectively putting it out.

ABC Fire Extinguishers

This is useful to put off fires in class- A.B, and C. They represent fires caused by solids, liquids, and gas, respectively. This fire extinguisher has dry powders that react with the flames to extinguish them. They use a chemical compound known as Monoammonium Phosphate.

They cut out oxygen and heat for the fire and snuff it out. They are also a poor conductor of electricity, hence the perfect choice for electric fire breakouts. They are best to prevent fires from growing and engulfing the whole building and are also helpful in saving the occupants, as you can create a clear path for a while among the fires to escape.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Once installed, they have to be checked once every month. Some basic level testing could be done by the housekeeping staff itself, like the condition of the pump, the hose, the level of extinguishing agent, and the physical condition of the can. Check for any tampering, rust, and any fall or impact. These can be done with the help of a manual.

The higher-level tests need to be conducted by certified personnel who is aware of the rules of NFPA 10. The maintenance standards of abc fire extinguisher are essential, and the government has strict rules in place for them therefore records should be maintained about the maintenance and inspection.


Fire extinguishers are an absolute necessity to prevent fire breakouts from becoming major fire accidents. They should be strategically placed around the building where they are readily available. Keep your place safe, comply with government rules and buy an ABC fire extinguisher.

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