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Working visas to enter into foreign countries like Philippines

As we all aware of the fact that working visas are an essential part for an employee or an individual those who wanted to work in foreign countries. It is a kind of permission from the respective country granted to the individuals. Of course, each and every country visa process is different. But all you need is how to get the working visa and how long it is needed. Also you need to know whether there is a possibility of working visa extension or not. For example, if you want to relocate your business into any other foreign country or else if you want to work in any foreign country then working visa is needed. Simultaneously all the businessmen do shift their business in foreign countries like Philippines. So, here you need to have business registration Philippines to run your business legally.

Let’s discuss about working visa and its essential information: 

Here you can apply working visa both online and offline mode. In online mode, you can apply visa application by going through the respective country’s embassy website you are going to work.  You can even apply visa through offline by downloading the application form from the particular country website and fill the details to send by courier. Remember that you could not apply visa for all the countries in online mode. It is because some countries don’t allow this option.

business registration Philippines

Eligibility for applying visa;

You should be healthy and should not have any medical concern. You have to enter the respective foreign country as per your requirement basis only. You are not allowed to work in any other sector rather than the work permit Philippines issued to you. In short this kind of work permits is also called as 9 (G) visa. After applying for the work permit in this country, you will get a unique security number.

Let’s see some common documents where most of the countries ask you for issuing visa;

  • Original documents of your academic records, professional documents and its relevant qualifications like that.
  • Experience certificates and reference letters of the employers is also needed. If you are going to work on contract basis, you need to submit company’s contract letter stamped and signed it with your boss signature. Of course, you are asked to submit date of birth certificate or passport, passport sized photographs etc as well.

There is a possibility of rejecting your working visa. It includes the following;

The stated reason for issuing working visa do not necessarily required such kind of specialized skills at all. If any of your documents lost or if not submitted to the immigration authority desk, then the working visa will get rejected. If you have gone wrong doings like by not following the laws and it got found on previous records about you.


From the above you could have gained the entire information on working visa to enter any foreign country.

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