Bus Simulator – A Surprisingly Good Simulator Video Game

Simulator games have always enjoyed a niche following. They do not sell in great numbers like the flashier action or RPG games of the modern era, but for anyone looking for a tactical and stimulating gaming experience, simulators get the job done. Vehicle simulators are not always an enjoyable experience to play, but surprisingly, Bus Simulator 18 captures the stress of the job rather well. To find download links for the game, you just need to search bus simulator 18 kostenlos on Google.

Bus Simulator ploughs a familiar path of video games – driving that isn’t racing. The premise is kept simple enough: you start out in a city that has abandoned its bus transportation system, so you and your friends are taking over to bring back this mode of transport into prominence, and also to show the city’s bigshots that it is needed. In order to achieve this, not only do you have to just drive a bus on your own, but also manage a fleet of ever-growing buses in the most efficient manner. You have to take care of employees and more if you are to make profit. Customization options are plentiful in bus simulator 18. You can customize the routes, employees, buses, uniforms and so forth. As you play, you will unlock more customization options.

It’s not very challenging, but sustaining efficiency takes a little time and patience on your end. Because you are both a driver and a manager, it is incumbent upon you to drive buses and earn cash to buy more buses, hire more employees and assign them to routes you have already grown tired of. Driving inefficiently will eat into your profits.

To earn enough money to start your own bus empire, you will have to drive the same routes over and over, which can be a bit of a grind, but for a game that simulates bus driving, this grinding cannot be blamed on the developer. After all, real bus routes are the same every day. The gameplay is initially interesting and fun, with the world being reasonably detailed and passengers having their own requests and dialogue, before descending into repetitiveness.

But there’s a lot to like about this game, even if it is for a short while at least. You can find more information on the game online. The essential cyclic nature of the game means that it never expands into the freewheeling nature of a simulator such as Truck Simulator. You do not drive across open country roads or landscapes here. This can be a detriment to increasing the game’s popularity and subsequently, sales. But for a gamer who wants a tightly-packed simulation experience that is often stressful and downright gut-wrenching, Bus Simulator 18 is a perfect game to spend your leisure hours in.

Despite the rough edges, Bus Simulator 18 has a lot of depth and heart poured into it, and you can download by searching for bus simulator 18 kostenlos.

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