How to pick the best trimmer line for your garden

If you would like to properly maintain the lawn in your garden, then it is highly important to have the best and the most efficient trimming tool in your hand. The string trimmer is definitely the best trimmer line or tool which will do the grass trimming job in a perfect manner.

Different types of the string trimmer lines:

There are actually different types of the string trimmer lines available currently in the market including,

  • Round trimmer line – The round trimmer lines are generally the most popular option of the trimmer lines used by several numbers of people in their lawns. The use of the round trimmer line has been increased in the several homes and it is considered to be the great trimmer line for the light work. If you are looking for replacing your current trimmer line for the very first time to the string trimmer line, it is better going to the round trimmer line as the best option. This is because it is too easy to install and use as compared to some other types of the string trimmer lines.


  • Serrated trimmer line – When it comes to the serrated trimmer line of the string trimmer, it is also the best choice to use at home. It probably features the teeth like or knife like design to easily and effectively cut the grass in the lawn. This serrated design in this trimmer line will give the swiftly trimming on the grass and also the thick leaves. It is also considered to be the best trimmer line when you are in need of trimming the thick weeds and leaves.
  • Multi-sided trimmer line – If the house owners are considering the multi-sided string trimmer line, it usually features the multiple sides cutting design. This amazing design will actually provides the cleaner cut to your lawn when you are using it. At the similar time, it is also very effective in slicing through the long grass and thick weeds. Even though the multi-sided trimmer line is the most powerful trimmer option, it will give you the best chance to break the higher grass. This is because they are probably coming in contact with the stones, curbs, solid ground objects and also the fences.
  • Twisted trimmer line – Choosing the twisted trimmer line is the best choice to reduce the noise levels while using the string trimmer to cut your lawn. You can use it even on the concrete and some other types of the hard surfaces.

All these types of the string trimmer lines are definitely the greater options to cut the grass and long weed in your lawn and it gives you stunning finish.

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