Five star hotels Sharjah

Explain different kinds of hotels in the world

The hotel may be defined in different ways. In easy words, a hotel is a place that gives the accommodation, food and other facilities to the visitors. It is open in a building, a bungalow, or another kind of place which is immovable. It is impossible to transmit the hotel facilities and services to the guest. Only they can avail of the services during their stay in the hotel. The people all over the world have almost a similar mentality about spending the vacations. They want to spend their holidays visiting a place of their choice. They have to take care of many things before going. They make arrangements for their accommodation, food, car to roam and many other things. In that case, the choice of hotels is best. The hotel gives the best facility to enjoy the trip. Different countries include all kinds of lavish hotels in their tourist places. Sharjah is the right place to go and enjoy your vacations. In the whole world, five star hotels Sharjah is famous for their good services. They provide many packages to their customers. According to the location, target market, and stars; hotels are divided into many categories:

Five star hotels Sharjah

Type of hotel according to the location:

  1. Airport Hotels: These kinds of hotels are located near the airport. Those people who have gone to a new place and do not aware of the city, or they have to travel only short distances are suggested to stay near the airport.
  2. Boatels: These hotels are designed for those people who love to live in water. These hotels are built on boats so that tourist takes fun to live on the water. They are generally found at tourist places like in Kashmir.
  3. Motel: These kinds of hotels are generally found at highways. They are small places to live in.
  4. City Center: The most running hotels in the cities are City Center. They are located at the heart of the city.
  5. Suburb Hotels: Those accommodation places you find near the urban areas are known with the term Suburb hotel.
  6. Rotels: These hotels are designed on the train or other transport vehicles. In simple words, we can say them a hotel on the wheel.
  7. Floating hotel: The type of hotel builds on big ships, lakes, or rivers.
  8. Resorts: These hotels are situated at beach-side or mountains, islands, or river banks.

Type of hotel divided on Stars: They are categorized according to the hotel services.

  1. One Star: These are small hotels managed by the owner itself.
  2. Two Star: They are generally the part of the hotel’s chain.
  3. Three Star: These hotels are generally built for the business purpose where the meetings are held.
  4. Four Star: These are big hotels having good services.
  5. Five Stars: These hotels come in lavish and luxurious category.
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