Find the Best Candidate for Your Company

With hundreds of companies providing a wide variety of services and jobs, it is vital for an organization to hire the correct candidates. The fundamental asset of any company is its employees. Driven employees are critical to the success of a company. If a majority of the employees are disillusioned and unmotivated, running an organization that provides high-quality services and products becomes problematic. Revenues tend to take a hit, and the company will have to shut down eventually.

This is especially important when hiring a candidate who has recently graduated from college. Without any past job experience to go by, it becomes critical to evaluate the personality and psychology of the candidate before interviewing them for a position at your company.

It is often challenging to find candidates who have the right mind-set to want to improve and get better at their job continuously. So, how does an organization go about hiring the right candidates for a particular position?

Enter the Pre-Employment Personality Test!

Pre-Employment Personality Test

This test is aimed at potential candidates and measures their work-related personality traits. It can give a general overview of one’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on these attributes, the interviewer has a better idea of the type of questions he should ask and can reduce the interview preparation time.

By using such a test while your company is recruiting, you can also have a better idea on how to deal with the potential employee effectively. It will help a manager understand his subordinate’s thought process, and how they approached any issue they may encounter in their job.

The Personality Test

These tests are comparatively short, around 2 minutes long and usually have approximately 60-80 questions. Since the candidate will have to answer based on their intuition, it is unnecessary to spend more than 15-20 seconds per question.

They have been designed by experts in the fields of psychometry and ensure that a candidate cannot fake or manipulate the answers to get a favourable score.

The test is made to test the “Big Five” attributes. It is based on the Five Factor Model, which believes that most job-related traits of a person can be estimated using these five characteristics of a person.

  • Scrupulousness, which gives a good idea of how efficient a person, is at any task assigned to them. It also tells about how meticulous they are with their work.
  • Neuroticism, which tests the emotional state of a person.
  • Openness to experience, which tests the mind-set of a person. Curious people, with a knack for thinking out of the box, and those who always want to experience new things and learn new things tend to score high in this section.
  • Extraversion-introversion, which tests if a person is outgoing and social or if they are more reserved and aloof.
  • Agreeableness, which tests how sympathetic and tolerant an individual is to other people.

By testing the above five characteristics of an individual, it is possible to get an idea of how well a candidate will perform their job, their capacity to do work and their trainability.

With such a comprehensive test, there is no doubt that you can find the best candidates for a wide variety of positions in your company. With a thorough idea of their skills and ambitions, you can employ them for the right positions, thus allowing your company to see the best growth and success.

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