How the body builders get the body

How the body builders get the body

There are some wide spread allegations that the persons participating in the body building events always use steroids to get that kind of body. In fact it is never ending argument that whether they the body with that kind of muscle by using natural or taking steroids. It is going on for long time and there was a controversy recently when one Korean body builder won the world body building championship. Lot of people began to talk that he got that body using steroids only. But the athlete who is in question refused the allegation and told he is very clean. He said he got the body through diet and hard work put in the gym. The person in question is a dancer and uses those steps while he poses in the body building.

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Methods employed by him to get the body

He has been leading commercial advertising models also. He has appeared in various commercials in Korean televisions. He says he is using very strict diet and follows that very strictly. He has previously worked as trainer to athletes and has a very clean track record. Neither him nor his trainees never caught in the drug tests and maintain very clean sheet in this regards. In this way we have to trust his words that he did not use steroids to get the body. In fact top performers in every competition have to undergo the drug test mandatorily once the competition gets completed. Also world federation conducts the drug sample tests randomly when there is no competition going on. In this way they can get caught even when they are not performing. So no athlete will risk the career to use the steroids. If at all he has used these are the steroids he might have used to get the body muscle. Some of the steroids are HGH, Deca and testosterone etc.

HGH allows a person to grow muscle very fast and in quick time and it is human growth hormone inducer. This hormone is responsible for the growth and found to be in highest level in children as they tend to grow fast. Though testosterone also grows muscle it is not as fast as HGH. Normally these types of steroids will enlarge the head and will change the structure of face also. These are all the side effects and price one has to give to get the abnormal growth in artificial way. These are the speculation we are listing here but we are not sure whether he has used any of these steroids. There is high chance he may not have done since there is every chance he may get caught and he may not be able to compete and he will lose all the commercial contracts he got based on his body building performance. His muscle growth as normal and found to be changed dramatically in between 2012 and 2014. This leads to suspect among the fans and critics. But one can get this type of body using natural methods also which what he says he does. But no one can get the correct and accurate answer for the same.

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