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Retirement – Are You Financially Ready?

There are many courses accessible to assist you with making arrangements for your retirement. For instance, how to fabricate your retirement savings or how to make arrangements for a withdrawal from the workforce.

Assuming you have proactively begun anticipating retirement – bravo! Imagine a scenario in which you are, as of now, into your 50s and stress over not having done much arranging.

It is never past the point where it is possible to begin giving your best.

If you might want to get a brief look at your potential monetary position when you resign, this 4-hour course plans to offer a preview of your monetary status to resign. With this mindfulness, you could make the right moves to adjust your assumptions for retirement to your accessible monetary assets to carry on with a more confident retirement.


This course gives data and guides you through an involved activity to help you

  1. Assess your resources and liabilities;
  2. Project your retirement pay sources and costs;
  3. Acquaint with the different government conspires that could offer extra help in retirement and maturing.

This studio is conducive for people mature 50 years or more who own and lives just in an HDB home (and don’t possess other confidential properties).

About the National Silver Academy (NSA)

The National Silver Academy (NSA) is an organization of post-optional schooling foundations (PSEIs) (for example, ITE, polytechnics, colleges, and expressions establishments) and local area-based associations (CBOs) that deal with learning open doors that are financed for seniors. Seniors and PRs mature 50 years or more can anticipate going to short courses and scaled-down courses that are sans test.

For courses run by local area-based associations, the last expense payable by seniors (the two Singaporeans and PRs) considers the help given by the public authority to local area-based associations to create and offer the short courses.

Credit Counseling Singapore (CCS) gives credit advice to shoppers (with individual obligations) and entrepreneurs (with both individuals as well as business obligations) to assist with tending to an uncollateralized debt issue. Our believed Financial Counselors are prepared to furnish you with comprehensive, evenhanded, and customized obligation advice that defines c3a as a whole.

During a directing credit meeting, our Financial Counselors work with you to assist you with figuring out your monetary circumstance, survey installment limit, and settle on the most reasonable strategy to address obligation and income issues, given your particular conditions. This expects you to be impending with data concerning how you have been overseeing and burning through cash.

The principal result of credit directing is to assist you with settling on an educated choice on the most appropriate answer for you and continue with inner serenity.

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